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What is Early Lung Cancer Symptoms
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<p>When the disease is first discovered, the majority of persons with lung cancer show some symptoms. Due to the primary tumor or its spread, so that there are wide variety of the symptoms.</p>

<p>Range in magnitude from slight to severe, a lung cancer can result in pain. It will be helpful if someone understand the specific pain that is linked with lung cancer.</p>
<p>- Chest Pain; The pain on chest is persistent and involved other structures surrounding the lungs.However, one-fourth of all lung cancer patients complain about this pain that is aching and dull in nature e cigarette liquids.</p>
<p>- Bone Pain; This pain is the most common symptoms that associated with lung cancer that has spread distantly to other locations. Excruciating pain at the location where lung cancer involves the bones has been reported by a person with lung cancer.</p>
<p>- Other areas of pain; <strong>back pain or persistent shoulder</strong> that unrelated to pain from coughing. If the cancer has spread to the nerves, shoulder pain can be resulted. From the shoulders to the outside of the arm, the pain will be tricled down. It is well known as Pancoast Syndrome.</p>

<p>Smoking is fully responsible for almost 90% of lung cancer cases according to the Mayo Clinic. If you quite smoking, you can subtantially reduce your chances of getting lung cancer. By avoiding second hand smoke you can also lower your risk of contracting the disease and exposure to asbestos and radon.</p>
<p><strong>Early symptoms of lung cancer</strong> is present until it has advanced, include a new, waring sign that you may have the disease, persistent cough or changes in a so-called smokers cough. Cough up small amounts of blood may be occured experience chest pain, shortness of wheezing and breath. There are other sign that may be happended sometimes, such as weight loss, swelling of the face and neck and fatigue.</p>
<p>At least when the cancer is actually diagnosed, there are 20% of people who contract lung cancer don't report any symptoms. Found through regularly-scheduled X rays or computed axial tomograpgy (CAT) scans, the lung cancer shoud be treated differently depend on the stage of the cancer, includes radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.</p>
<p>It is reported by Mayo Clinic that 60% of people diagnosed with the disease die within one year smoke juice. To make full recovery, it is recommended to have early diagnosed. It is very important to remain alert and to be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms mentioned above.</p>           
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