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How to vehicle maintenance even save fuel
— by automycar automycar
<p>1, always check tire pressure; let the tire  pressure to maintain the standard value range, the tire pressure is too low  will increase vehicle fuel consumption, meet the requirements of tire pressure  can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3%, Also, regular wheel alignment. <p>2, regular oil changes. Note coke and  filter cleaning, timely replacement of spark plugs, etc., under normal  circumstances, when traveling from 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers when the spark  plug should be replaced. <p>3, to a regular gas station. Compression  ratio according to the car select the appropriate label marked value fuel,  label high or low will cause the cylinder and nozzle coke increases. <p>Try not to increase vehicle power  equipment, to avoid increasing the generator load. The car run-in period need  avoid weight-bearing, speeding and low speed. To clear the combustion chamber  and nozzle coke Car Diagnostic Tool, coke combustion reciprocating in the cylinder liner gap  generated when grinding operation, will accelerate engine wear, the engine  power down, increasing fuel consumption. Nozzle clogging oil passages make  coke, fuel injection deformation, atomization is poor, will increase fuel  consumption, therefore, to promptly remove coke. <p>Intake and exhaust valve clearance  adjustment, since improper adjustment of intake and exhaust valve clearance,  fuel consumption will increase 10% -28%, therefore, the best value adjustments  according to standard engine valve clearance OBD Tool. <p>4, air filter maintenance; role is to  purify the air filter into the air within the cylinder, such as the air filter  is dirty it will obstruct the air flow, resulting in increased fuel  consumption. <p>5, carburetor maintenance; such as  carburetors properly maintained, can save more than 10% of the fuel, the  carburetor plane too low will lead oil difficulties affecting engine power,  increased fuel consumption is too high, the oil surface height should be  adjusted in accordance with the standard. Appropriate additive; properly  filling allows the vehicle to achieve clean oil additives, fuel savings effect. <p>6, note that the engine cooling system.  Such as engine failure, to some extent, is caused by a cooling system failure,  but also pay attention to timely cleaning and maintenance car radiator.<p>If you want test your car by yourself you  can buy some auto diagnostic tool, like:  and  so on. It can help you take care of your car, also it can save more time and  money.<p> </p>
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