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SHAPIRO: Toyota says it's shutting down its North American production tomorrow for one day and halting overtime at several U.S. plants. It's because the automaker can't get parts from Thailand. Thailand is a global car manufacturing hub, and deadly floods there are damaging carmakers' facilities. Toyota's plants in Thailand will be shut through the end of next week. Ford and GM have also suspended production. Honda delayed the release of a new model because it couldn't get the necessary parts. Thailand is also one of the world's largest producers of hard-disk drives and other computer parts. Sony, Canon and Toshiba are all experiencing production slowdowns. Apple says the flooding has also affected the supply of parts for its Mac computers. . 1.19 Most journeys were made within the same Council area, or group of areas. The percentages travelling to another area are largest in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow: for example, 18% of adults' journeys starting in the Lothians (East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian, taken together) are into Edinburgh ( paragraph 13.1.2 ) ; 38% of employed people living in the Lothians who commute work in Edinburgh ( paragraph 13.2.2 ) ; and only 52% of people who work in Glasgow live in Glasgow ( paragraph 13.2.3 ) . Most journeys into both cities are made by car. The percentages travelling by bus and rail into the cities are higher for Glasgow than Edinburgh (paragraphs 13.3.6 and 13.3.7 ) . Scottish School Travel Advisory Group Reporth2<br>From the consumer standpoint, the service seems like it should be an especially fast, convenient way to retrieve new-car price quotes without worrying about the hassles of relentless sales employees. Car dealerships, which pay Google $10 and up for these sales leads, have reason to be worried about the search giant inserting itself in between them and their customers, and not only because it could drive prices down as consumers find it easy to shop around. Normally, a consumer must log in and disclose personal info at a dealership website in order to access the dealers inventory and request a quote. One dealership employee expressed his aggravation to Automotive News about Googles new service: : The government’s argument that it does not need a search warrant relies heavily on a 1983 Supreme Court case, United States v. Knotts, which said that the police do not need a warrant to install a beeper on a truck to monitor its movements. “A person traveling in an automobile on public thoroughfares has no reasonable expectation of privacy in his movements from one place to another,” the court said. So why should a GPS device be any different? Beepers were a primitive form of monitoring technology. GPS devices give the government a lot more information — and it is much easier to store this data, cross reference it, and create elaborate digital dossiers. <br>PSA will produce DS5s, the latest model in its DS range, in China with its new partner Changan Automobile, China's No. 4 auto maker. ! However, in this case, we think it is worth a few minutes to consider what Tesla is trying to do: create a new car company, in a completely new category of product, using unproven technology, with unknown consumer demand. This is a tiny car company trying to launch an all-new car to compete at a time when plug-in Toyota Hybrids, Nissan ( ( OTCPK:NSANF )) Leafs, and Chevy Volts will be in the market. In addition, they need to build some serious manufacturing capacity, and expand a sales and service network. It would be one thing if Tesla was doing this with 1 or 2 % of their company resources, like their big competitors, but this will be Teslas only vehicle.  <br> Related Links <br>