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Electronic Cigarettes Help You Stop Smoking
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<p>Whether electronic cigarettes succeed in receiving FDA approval or not it would appear that the tide is going to be difficult to stop. E-Cigs are flooding the U.S in a very visible way from retail outlets to mall demonstration booths. At the moment electronic cigarettes are not receiving FDA approval due to the fact that they have not undergone clinical tests and so the long term effect of their use is unknown. A ludicrous excuse many people are pointing out as no-one needs to see the result of a clinical trial in order to confirm that they are not as harmful as regular tobacco cigarettes. It would seem that the tremendous lobbying power of the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries respectively are influencing the U.S government's decision to stall on this issue. But whether they stall or not this is a product that is rapidly growing in popularity. It its popularity as a search term is anything to go by then electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming a must have item for smokers who have practically been hounded out of public places since the blanket smoking ban. And even though electronic cigarettes are not sold as quit smoking devices and are not likely to be permitted to be advertised as such, more and more users are testifying to their effectiveness in dealing with cravings and thus helping people to get off cigarettes. As far as dealing with cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal electronic cigarettes seem to be the best possible alternative to conventional cigarettes menthol electronic cigarette. Not only to they deliver the nicotine in a comparable way, they also help with the psychological addiction by producing vapor that is visibly inhaled and exhaled electronic cigarette. Finally they allow smokers to take their addiction in their own hands and treat themselves. If it is quitting smoking that you are interested in don't believe everything you read about electronic cigarettes, they are not a lifestyle product, they actually do work as far as helping people stop smoking. Click here and select any brand of electronic cigarettes to read some real customer reviews and see what users of electronic cigarettes have to say.</p>           
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