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E-Cigarettes Blooming with Smokers
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E-Cigarettes Blooming with Smokers

            <p>The new E-cigarette has not yet been heard of by everyone that smokes cigarettes, but for those that have tried them; the majority of people seem to like them a lot. There are several reasons why they are becoming so popular among smokers and it is not just because they can be much cheaper to smoke than traditional cigarettes made of paper and tobacco.</p>                         

<p>E-cigarettes are rechargeable and are ready whenever you are ready to smoke. You can smoke just a little or longer if you like. There is no lighting with fire to worry with each time you smoke. One of the biggest draws, if you will, to the E-cigarette is that the smoke that is exhaled is actually just water vapor and it is thought by some researchers that it poses no or a very limited health risk to others. There is no sticky tar residue to adhere to surfaces in your home or vehicle because they have or produce no tar at all.</p> <p>The thing about the expense of traditional tobacco cigarettes is that a smoker will sometimes smoke an entire cigarette when they really might not even want to, just so they do not waste the product. The E-cigarette has absolutely no waste and no ash to dispose of either menthol vape juice. You no longer have to go outside to smoke unless you wish to and you no longer need unsightly ash trays scattered over your house or in your vehicle. There is no stinky cigarette smell from an E-cigarette to offend others that do not smoke.</p>       

<p>The health related issues concerning the <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:ga('send', 'pageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/936760');" href="">E-Cigarette</a> are as yet still a little complicated. They do deliver doses of nicotine to your system, just as many stop smoking aids do that are already on the market. E-cigarette manufacturers are not claiming that their product will help you quit smoking, only that there are a limited number of ingredients that go into the filters that contain the nicotine solution. A far fewer number than the thousands that are in traditional tobacco cigarettes.</p> <p>The verdict is still out as far as the FDA is concerned, but many people that are qualified to make the determination are already convinced that E-cigarettes seem to be a better smoking alternative than the traditional cigarettes. If those that smoke are going to continue to do so no matter what and as long as regular tobacco cigarettes are still legal to buy and use e cigarette liquids, it is thought by most E-cigarette smokers that they should be allowed to choose which nicotine version of a cigarette they use.</p>           
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