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Content of E-liquid - E-juice
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Content of E-liquid / E-juice

            <p>Many new comers to the electronic cigarettes world question the contents of e-liquid also known as ejuice which is sold by many electronic cigarettes sites such as vapourettes. They do worry about what they might be inhaling and is it damaging to their health as much as analogue cigarettes. The answer is a clear no. Electronic cigarettes are nowhere near as damaging as analogue cigarettes as they do not have the so many toxic chemical that we ex-smokers felt when using analogue cigarettes.</p>

<p>Any electronic cigarettes user will tell you that their health has somehow improved since quitting smoking analogue cigarettes.</p>
<p>What is e-liquid made of?<br />Well. It is primarily made of 3 main ingredients.</p>
<p>PG or VG (propylene  glycol or vegetable glycerine)<br />Nicotine<br />Flavouring</p>
<p>All the materials that are found in e-liquid are also present in the approved pharmaceutical<br /> NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) such as patches, gums and the likes. None of them have been declared by the FDA or WHO to be as damaging.</p>
<p>Apart from the flavourings which are of a very small content in the e-juice as a whole as they are concentrates so you only use very few drops to flavor a 10ml bottle of e-liquid best citrus mix e juice.</p>

<p>Odor/Taste- Flat aroma, very sweet flavor resembling syrup. <br />Glycerol content: 99 electronic cigarette juice.8% <br />Fatty Acids and Esters: 0.3 <br />Specific Gravity: 1.29 <br />pH: 7 <br />Heavy Metals: <5 ppm <br />Chlorides: <10 ppm <br />Chlorinated compounds: <30 ppm <br />Sulphates: <20 ppm <br />Moisture: 0.13% <br />Organic Volatile Impurities- None detected <br />Diethylene Glycol and related compounds- No trace amounts detected</p>
<p>over 90% of e-liquid / ejuice is made in China. There is a lot of talking about the quality of manufacturing process in that part of the world of being of sub standard quality, sweat shops, etc.... Have a look at the video and judge for yourself</p>
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<p>As you have seen this far from being a sweat shop and hygiene is of paramount importance in the manufacturing of e-liquid.</p>
<p>The often quoted press line that the constituents in ecig vapour are unknown is just blatant lies.</p>           
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