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Alcohol And Cigarettes
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<p><strong>Running head:</strong></p>
<p>Main factors that prompt various people to participation in the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes</p>
<p><strong>Risk taking behaviours</strong></p>
<p>These are some of the coexisting habits that are enumerate when individuals engage in unexpected drug abuse and therefore they take the risk of either becoming addicted, suffer the illness caused by the consumed chemicals or take the risks of doing harm when they become excited. The great risk is losing control of responsible behaviours of life that can change their styles and standards. The main problem with this addiction is that some individuals become dipsomaniac leading to excessive drinking of alcohol that is harmful to their health for example cardiac diseases and other pulmonary problems such as cirrhosis.</p>
<p>According to several journals research on drug abuse and the response that was observed from both the adults and the young, it is visible that the research supported the null hypothesis menthol e juice, This is because individuals who engage in drug abuse have a positive attitude towards alcohol consumption and smoking or they are more stressed in their life than those who do not engage in drug abuse strawberry vape juice. Most individuals responded by saying that they had little earnings that cannot meet their demands and they opt to spend the little income on drugs in order to curb the stresses of life and marital obligations.</p>
<p><strong>Conclusion and recommendation</strong></p>
<p>Proper legal framework, social-economic factors and parental awareness creates enough room to mitigate and deterring drug abuse. Substances that are easily abused should be availed to. The community should be more cohesive in controlling the drug abuse and be ready to enforce the law toward proper use of substances. On the cultural background, the cutworms should leave a room for norms to mitigate and monitor drug abuse. There should be cultural cooperation and control. Finally, there should be proper role models.</p>
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