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How To Quit Smoking And Save Your Life Like I Did
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How To Quit Smoking And Save Your Life Like I Did

            <p>I have tried to quit smoking more times than I want to remember and my attempts have always been futile. I get through about a week and then the weekend comes. I go out with my friends, have a few beers and before I know it I'm smoking socially without even realizing it. It just seems so natural to me, especially since most of my friends smoke. I wish I could stop this vicious cycle and every time I try to stop smoking I end up smoking more cigarettes after I tried to quit in the first place!                        

<br />Trying to give up smoking has not only been very difficult for myself, but also for those around me. I become very irritable and short tempered. I have damaged numerous friendships and some personal relationships trying to stop smoking mint tobacco e liquid, it truly is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do.  I used to think there was no hope for me and thought to myself, maybe this is who I am best mint tobacco flavored e juice, I AM A SMOKER. That thought process can be very damaging to ones self esteem and it took all that I had to reverse that mindset. You have to stay positive, as simple and trivial as that may sound, it truly is all in your head. This is a fight that can be won, you are not alone, and there are ways to quit smoking. <br />I have tried everything, hypnosis, patches, gum.. Nothing has ever seemed to work or had a lasting effect past the first week. I know that my body has a need for nicotine, but more importantly it was the act of pulling out a cigarette, lighting it, taking that first long draw off of a fresh cigarette. It was second nature and relaxing for me. It felt natural, just like putting one foot in front of the other. Could it be that being a smoker has made me develop an oral fixation? I researched this on the web, but I didn't need to, I could have looked at all my pen caps on my desk and gotten my answer much faster! However while searching I found this electronic cigarette kit and decided hey what the heck, it's worth shot right? I must admit I was a little pessimistic since everything else I tried hasn't worked, but this ecig was my saving grace. Since purchasing the product I have not lit up one cigarette. I don't smell like nasty cigarettes and my life has done a complete 180.<br />When I was searching for solutions to quit smoking that is when I found numerous articles in trusted publications about ecigarettes. How could I have not known about ecigarettes before? I read what seemed like hundreds of success stories from former smokers and how the ecigarettes really worked. That is when I found the Quit Smoking Survival Kit and was blown away by the free trial option. What a no hassles deal it was. I submitted my information with ease and waited for my ticket to cigarette freedom.      

<br />The day my my Quit Smoking Survival Kit. The only complaint I'd say about my ecig is that I somewhat miss packing a fresh pack of cigarettes against my palm. But in hindsight that is peanuts compared to not lighting up anymore. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone and I have already to my group of friends. Good luck!</p>           
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