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The Age People Start Smoking
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The Age People Start Smoking

            <p>I started smoking when I was twenty-four. My husband started smoking when he was nine. That speaks volumes to the age people start smoking.</p> <p>The age people start smoking is dependant on a lot of factors - home environment, social pressures, location, ease of access to cigarettes, society's influence - but really the decision to light up is totally the decision of the smoker.</p>                         

<p>At this point, everyone knows smoking is bad for him or her. The advertisements on TV don't help. The pictures on the cigarette packs don't help nuts flavors. Taking cigarettes out of movies doesn't help. I can't explain why I decided to start smoking. It wasn't peer pressure. I didn't think it looked cool. Most of my family has never picked up the habit. The ones who did quit long ago. I didn't want to be like the people in the movies. Perhaps it was boredom. For whatever reason, the responsibility lies with me.</p> <p>What disturbs me more than anything is how much younger kids seem to be getting when they start smoking. It now isn't uncommon to walk past an elementary school and see children with cigarettes in their hand at the bus stop. Well there are some reasons that many people go ahead with the smoking first cig that is obviously what will get them started in first place. When children at school they are actually inclined to fall just for the peer pressure as in case few other person will do it, and they would like to feel cool & slot in and do not want to get picked on.</p>       

<p>The age people start smoking is really a hard thing to pin down e-cigarette juice. Statistics tell us most smokers seem to be in their early to late teens, but again, if a child grows up in a home full of smokers it seems more likely that child will pick up the habit on their own at some point - likely younger than a smoker that grew up in a non-smoking home. Thus it is very important for the chain smoker to quit smoking and focus on other things.</p> <p>In the end, lighting up is an individual's choice regardless of their age - and definitely a choice I wish I wouldn't have made. Of course there are many different reasons why the person can start smoking, however there are more as to reasons that why you must stop smoking. Doesn't matter what your causes for starting smoking, and there are many reasons to end top smoking! You had lots of reasons to smoke the first cigarette, however you have lots of more reasons for stopping to smoke now!} Smoke odor is one more reason (that is not health related) for quit smoking. While you stop smoking, you will stop permeating your mouth, hair, house, clothes, as well as car with smell of the cigarette smoke. Also, there are many different methods to stop smoking: First stop smoking hypnosis, wearing the nicotine patch, and blowing through the water vapor cigarettes.</p>           
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