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Car care knowledge - the importance of oil
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Car care knowledge - the importance of oil
Car maintenance the most critical part is the choice of oil, engine oil is known as the blood; it is only by virtue of its lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the engine autel mx-sensor 433MHz, so choosing the right engine oil life has played a direct role. Precisely because of this, has a lot of car owners eager , whether appropriate or not always give their car the most advanced full synthetic motor oil , in fact, simply select the applicable fine oil , over high-grade oil is not only a waste of money , the effect is only played less effective .

Currently on the market for its oil base oils of different mineral oils and can be simply divided into two kinds of synthetic oil (vegetable oil production because it is not scarce ). Synthetic oil is the most upscale.

The biggest difference between the two lies : wider use of synthetic oil temperature , a longer period of use , as well as higher costs ; same film requirements, low viscosity synthetic oil can be used to reach , and mineral oil on the required relative to synthetic oil thicker viscosity in order to achieve such requirements. In the same work environment, because after a period of use of a lot of synthetic oil, and therefore higher costs than mineral oils longer Launch CRP229, but more oil changes, not much higher than that of mineral oil.

As a general statement, motor oil drains intervals of 5,000km. Many car owners think this is a fixed understanding. In fact, vehicle due to engine condition, the use of oil and use of the environment, which should also be reasonably certain differences drain intervals, cannot be generalized.

1. The oil used
Identifying quality grade oil (API) and viscosity (SAE) have two standards. General quality level from SC, SD until the SM level, the higher the level, the better the quality. Generally speaking , SF oil level and above have good oxidation resistance, viscosity stability abrasion , clean dispersion under high shear and high temperature , the engine provides reliable protection , quality stability for a long time constant, under normal circumstances, can meet the 5,000 km oil change intervals .

2. Engine condition
Please clean car inside the engine, there is little carbon and other impurities, which drain intervals, can be extended. But should not be more than 7500 kilometers, even the best oil to use after a certain mileage, will change its chemical properties, in particular the additive composition will gradually fail, no protection of the engine. Old engine, more particularly the lack of maintenance of internal engine carbon deposits gum, after adding new oil can easily be contaminated, causing discoloration and qualitative change, so oil change intervals should be shortened. Certainly able to do a complete cleaning inside of the engine is the best.
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