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Chery Eastar motor vehicle engine will not begin
— by wwhyukaa wwhyukaa
Chery Eastar vehicle engine is not going to start off the machine

Symptom: a Chery Eastar sedan, faulty (starter get the job done) engine can not the machine.

Check Examination: conduct a trial run after the crash. Following examination, no substantial pressure when beginning the engine fire, and no icom a2 b c fuel injection signal, suspect the crankshaft position sensor is faulty, but it is checked, discovered no abnormalities. Connection fault detector study fault codes, show system adequately. Then enter the element together with the fault detector check. Part check operable at minimal velocity cooling fan, EGR valve, canister solenoid valves, fuel pump relay and every cylinder injector perform inspection. When the operation from the cooling fan, cooling fan is usually operated at minimal speed which has a fault detector, operating EGR solenoid valve and charcoal canister do the job might be heard the sound of the "click" sound in the solenoid valve. Then when working the fuel pump relay, Xin much less fuel pump operation sound. Suspect a problem using the fuel pump relay linked, but iobd2 verify the fuel pump relay and observed that it is ordinary. Measured in the fuel pump relay base relay voltage terminals within the 30th, typical; after which after the 30th hole as well as corresponding terminals about the 27th hole using a wire corresponding terminals shorted, you could hear the sound in the fuel pump operation, simultaneous measurement on the ignition coil and spray oil about the power cord has energy, indicating that each the electrical power supply area is offered from the fuel pump relay studying car or truck ignition coil as well as the amplifier is produced like a entire, there's a 3-wire end connector connected thereto, 3-wire ends the 3 junction connector signal line, respectively (from the electronic manage unit), beating the wire, the electrical power cord (through the fuel pump relay), upon inspection uncovered no abnormalities.

Thought it may be a problem with all the engine electronic management unit Symptom of check benefits and examination. Asks the driver that driving the motor vehicle, and now the auto engine electronic management unit is replaced, as the unique vehicle electronic handle unit can control only three-cylinder ignition coil ignition, but one,4-cylinder ignition coil will not be functioning , so it will likely be down for the electronic handle unit. During this time period, the manage one,4-cylinder ignition coils (ignition module and star diagnosis ignition coil for one) are replaced. The last from the authentic car's engine management unit fitted using a fault detector to enter the part test, along with other parts are functioning, the fuel pump relay also work. Begin the engine, the engine can begin moving the machine. However the engine one, 4-cylinder can't make the engine really serious shake. Description fault really would be the engine electronic handle unit injury brought on.

Remedy: Exchange the engine electronic control unit.