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BYD F3 coolant temperature is high along with the Abdominal muscles malfunction lamp is lit
— by kobd2 kobd2
Approximately 112,000 km mileage BYD F3 sedan manage (QCJ7150A). The vehicle driver replicate the coolant temperature is high, plus the Abs launch crp129 sale malfunction lamp around the instrument panel lights.

Troubleshooting: Following obtaining the vehicle, very first confirm the failure phenomenon. Check identified the auto electronics enthusiast is not managing, along with the Stomach muscles malfunction lamp is lit. According to the fault analysis of phenomena, doable causes of the failure are: coolant temperature sensor fault, electronic lover failure, instrument inner fault or engine regulate technique and Abdominal muscles technique line failure. Evaluate the fault, motor coolant temperature is large as well as Abs malfunction lamp belonging to two methods, so opel tech2 it must very first ensure there is not any popular hyperlink between these two fault phenomena, via obtain command circuit identified the vehicle, the car electronics lover relay and Ab muscles shared a 10 A fuse, and as a consequence really should to start with look at ranging from this common fuse. Right after assessment, the junction box with the ECM ten A fuse (Determine one) has certainly blown, replace the fuse on the new, provided that the ignition switch is turned on, the fuse has blown, it is possible to decide the first failure is definitely the digital admirer manage Abdominal muscles circuit to circuit or short to floor place; additional dismantling and found no irregular line there, so unplug the lover on the 1st relay, the fan around the 2nd relay as well as the enthusiast to the 3rd relay test, even so the fault persists, this Description Failure is not an digital fan management circuit; then Abdominal muscles unplug wire connector assembly take a look at, digital lover perform returned to usual, indicating that the fault lies in the Abdominal muscles assembly. Reconnect sd connect c4 Abs wire connector assembly, fault detector exam with Abdominal muscles, examine the subsequent 3 fault codes: 00034- left rear wheel velocity sensor open circuit or quick to ground, C0035- right rear wheel velocity sensor open or take iron shorts and C0048-DRP electronic brake pressure distribution technique) is invalid. Evaluation, fault codes 00034 and fault code C0035 points refers to the left and ideal rear wheel velocity sensor, two sensors and also the line can't at the same time damaged, particularly the fault code 00048, explained is invalid DPR, DPR is digital brake force distribution program, it's got no different components, just one of your Stomach muscles regulate device management plan only, and for that reason the failure is because of the automobile Abs inference problems caused via the cartridge.

Troubleshooting: Replace renault clip the junction box of your ECM 10 A fuse and Ab muscles assembly, as well as Abs clear the air inside the exclusion take a look at, electronic enthusiast is doing the job effectively, Abs malfunction lamp over the instrument panel isn't any extended lit, engine coolant temperature also returned to standard, failure to wholly get rid of.