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New Nissan Teana car horn occasionally would not ring
— by kobd2 kobd2

Symptom: a completely new Nissan Teana sedan two.5, clients reflect when its velocity exceeds 60 km / h in the event the speaker does not ring, has become fgtech galletto 4 servicing persistently in other repair store, mainly because it is actually an intermittent fault, has not been fixed.

Troubleshooting: upkeep personnel to accompany the shopper test uncovered the speaker isn't really within the auto driving faster than 60 km / h earlier mentioned foxwell nt600 doesn't ring, but close to the middle of your steering wheel place in the event the speaker won't ring, the situation is barely the illusion of customers demonstrates only.

Since the speaker is not really loud during the vicinity of your steering wheel in the middle position, in accordance to your failure phenomenon, routine maintenance staff members at first recognized this failure will be the helical coil (spring) failure brought about. Just after further more evaluation bmw icom a2 they discovered the wheel just isn't in the upright orientation, though the steering wheel from the middle posture, but don't have this phenomenon, the inspection also observed that if the speaker won't ring in the event the horn switch is detected having a multimeter, you can find 12.6 V battery voltage, following pressing the horn change, you can find twelve.6 V battery voltage to the steering wheel, so to begin with identified as faulty steering column Floor fault.

Next, the case with the steering column to floor to more tests and located the main plus the housing when the steering kessv2 column is during the middle place no load is bad, in accordance on the auto horn management circuit ()) ensuing following the spiral coil (spring) Horn the steering column swap main steering wheel steering column bearing your body steering column housing the battery destructive horn relay handle circuit breaker, the fault lines on the steering column bearing undesirable place when no load is turned on. Soon after analyzing the point of failure, routine maintenance packages to clients for two: a person on an vacant terminal set up of a spiral coil grounding wire; Next, change the steering column assembly.

Troubleshooting: consumer necessities by part - a program on the car following the installation of grounding line treatment method demo, horn operate, monitoring visits per month afterwards, the client stated every little thing is normal.