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The automotive smart electronic security course
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Clever Electronic Security Software (ESP) integrates anti-lock braking procedure (Ab muscles), intelligent digital differential lock (EDL) and push slip process (TCS) 3 operate modules.AD900キープログラム Smart electronic stability method can minimize the danger of vehicle skidding by making use of braking into the suitable wheel. Should the engine is running, the smart digital balance method if you want to operate.

The clever electronic balance system dependant on steering wheel angle and motor vehicle velocity to ascertain the driver's driving intentions, and continuing to generally be compared with the vehicle's actual driving problems, should the automobile deviates within the normal driving route (including a automobile to slide), intelligent electronic balance program implementing braking to the appropriate wheels to accurate.

Smart digital balance system torsional forces generated by the braking the car to return to its secure running state, when the motor vehicle has a tendency to oversteer (i.e. drift), predominantly on the exterior entrance wheel brake is applied; should the vehicle tends to understeer (i.e. The turning radius is just too huge), the technique is mainly placed on the within rear wheel brake.

When touring inside the vehicle, the the smart digital balance course should constantly be during the open up condition. Come across the next specific instances 車LEDライト"ESP OFF" button by urgent the Determine 1 (indicator lights) to show off the the wise electronic security software:

① car install snow chains driving;

② automobile traveling to the highway of deeper snow or smooth;

③ The auto caught someplace (just like caught inside the muddy highway) have to have to maneuver back and forth.

The above mentioned predicament is, you could push the "ESP OFF" button (lamp off) to open up the intelligent digital security program once more. The intelligent electronic balance program is shut,ECUプログラマー the push slip method also shall be closed. In other words, after the closure of the the clever digital balance course, driver anti-skid program will not any longer get the job done, or changed by other functions (like clever digital differential lock).