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Santana 2000 Junjie 01N-type transmission change shock when touring
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Santana 2000 Junjie sedan, assembly 01N-type transmission, shift shock inside the course of action of going.

Troubleshooting: To start with and owners in the trade, this car is stalled resulting from hanging file maintenance inside a manufacturing unit, and afterwards appeared vida dice change shock. Highway take a look at and found that in two-liter a few stalls stalls feeling of shock when other stalls are regular. Connection V. A. 55053 reading, no fault codes. Examine details stream, the final results identified no abnormalities, which exclude the electronic management system malfunction. Up coming, the transmission oil tension test performed, D bit stress 344. 5 kPa, usual, indicating which the hydraulic handle failures.

Electronic control and hydraulic are regular, can only be regarded as a mechanical failure. Very first analyze the OIN sort transmission works.

2 file transfer routes: the pump wheel. Turbo K1 smaller sunshine gear planetary gear limited length planetary equipment ring gear output solar equipment porsche piwis tester ii holder. three documents immediate file transfer route: K1, K3 simultaneous engagement get the job done, the entire planetary equipment locking into 1 file for immediate travel.

Through the above mentioned evaluation, the 2nd pace equipment is up 3 B, is stopped, the method K3 to work, when they are not synchronized could cause the car two, as opposed to a change shock. To now be capable to decide the fault appeared in K3. Disintegration of autel md802 transmission by measuring the invention K3 tiny hole, then we replace the first metal and friction plate, measuring the hole continues to be lower than the normal distance, the alternative of your new steel and friction plate hole ought to be greater, why the smaller sized it? Afterwards assessment observed rugged K3 circumstance, the fault ultimately discovered its replacement, troubleshooting.

Later evaluation multidiag j2534 of the factors for this failure would be that the new repairman just after replacing metal and friction plate assembly K1, K2, K3 when running thoroughly, major to K3 deformation failure.