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The new Bora sedan driving chassis abnormal sound
— by kobd2 kobd2
Symptom: a different Bora 1.6 L Sedan (employing CLS engines), vehicle zed bull chassis during the co-pilot along with the "rattling" of different seem.

After examining into your plant by examining elevate will elevate the car chassis inspection identified no link bolts loosening. Adopted by a kessv2 take a look at based upon the customer's description, identified in the course of the exam, the motor vehicle when cornering and driving on bumpy roads copilot facet of your chassis in the "click" audio. Suspect right entrance; salty vibration pressure bearing higher retaining nut might Songkuang, if the wheels will pressure the upper gap, resulting in a "click" bmw icom seem during the steering and driving. Soon after Depot inspection, located about the appropriate facet; into the higher conclusion with the resonator force bearing retaining nut is a little bit Songkuang, tighten the nut nation after the check, the fault persists.

Parts from the irregular audio emitted can roughly determine the chassis with the front passenger facet. Once more together with the raise car lift, examine the site's co-pilot aspect of your chassis bolts and pieces (shock absorbers, drive shafts, triangular arm and knuckle) and located no abnormalities. At last made a decision to try out for sections system, very first replace the rear shock absorber with Arm take a look at, the fault is not really resolved, then replace the generate shaft as well as the steering knuckle is similar. Abnormal seem during the conclusion where by is it? Then connected on a number of details about the entrance passenger side on the chassis thoroughly checked and located a sub-frame and frame bolts a little tilted, otherwise diligently checked simply just demanding to uncover, demolition beneath the lessen conclusion from the fvdi Abrites Commander bolt threaded bolt continues to be found to break. It may be proved that undesirable with all the bolt and bolt holes, the level of interference is just too massive. Lead to the bolt tightening torque that has a typical, sub-frame along with the frame there exists a niche, the vehicle when cornering and driving on bumpy roadways with the front passenger side on the chassis has a "click" audio.

Remedy: Substitute the connecting bolt, bolt hole threads and clean, with a standard torque the subframe and frame bolts tightened.