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Honda Spirior very easy to stall the motor
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A mileage around 230,000 km, assembly one GR-FE engine 2006 Toyota Prado 4000. The car appeared to accelerate the whole process of moving fgtech v54 the trouble, flip from the motor after working several minutes and may not begin to my factory for repairs.

Failure Examination: According to client description, we analyze the gasoline pump must be ruined, resulting in insufficient oil tension and will not commence. We use IT-II initiative to check gas pump, gas filter pipe found at no gasoline spray, it could be the fuel pump fuse, fuel pump relay or line issues. Verify the gas pump fuse, relay and line were regular.

Remove the most crucial gasoline tank, look at the gas pump, gas pump measuring resistance is infinite (regular value of 0.two ~ three. 0), explained the x100 key programmer gasoline pump is damaged. I assumed to get a gas pump to solve the issue, then we find that there's no major gasoline tank of gasoline. Have demonstrated that almost fifty percent of the fuel oil table, which reveals the auxiliary gasoline tank for the gasoline may well be full, may perhaps bring about clogging with the fuel injection pump can't enter the most crucial gas tank. Closer examination discovered which the orifice has a gasoline pump sand to clog, leading to the main gasoline tank of gasoline cannot movement with the auxiliary gas tank.

Troubleshooting: cleansing orifice sand, changing the fuel pump, fuel tank and gasoline filter to wash the filter. Typical motor start, renault can clip v139 the auxiliary gasoline tank gas move typical troubleshooting.

Failure revelation: 1) Switch the gas filter cartridge routinely, typical fuel tank cleansing. 2) When changing the fuel filter element, fuel pump sand, and many others. Make sure you thoroughly clean up around the seat.

Failure Reviews: For your most important and secondary gasoline tank type or saddle gasoline tank, the final type from the use of jet pumps to obtain the fuel tank of gasoline conversion. Widespread table demonstrates the amount of fuel oil virtually in fifty percent, although the vehicle was stalled thanks to autel maxidiag elite md802 lack of oil challenge, basic research, are in essence aspect on the injection pump failure brought about by typical fault injection pump suction line is clogged, damaged. So, during the routine maintenance of this sort of automobiles, with unique interest into the inside of from the fuel tank cleansing operations.