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Mercedes-Benz SL500 uncontrolled car roof
— by kobd2 kobd2
Symptom: Mercedes-Benz eobd2 51500 (R230) sedan, originally due to end of the lid can not be closed, after the nearby repair shop for maintenance, the entire roof can not move.

Troubleshooting: First confirmed malfunction. Inspection found the roof and trunk lid is open, the anti-roll bar in the raised position, press the roof control switch, without any action.

Access airbag resetter to relevant information that the Mercedes-Benz R230 Series car roof using roof control unit controls the operation of the hydraulic system, the entire roof system, including roof, tail cover, anti-roll bar three parts. Through the roof control switch operable roof and anti-roll bar. Anti-roll bar can be raised and lowered by means of the usual button pops up automatically triggered in case of emergency. Roof control unit in the right side of the rear seats, rear spare tire compartment next to the pump.
First check the reason no action headliner. Press the roof control switch discovery pump does not work, check the fuse and fuel pump relay, normal, indicating that the roof control unit does not control signal to the pump. Because the original cover not only the tail off the roof of the action of normal, indicating that the roof control unit and its control circuit is normal. autel maxisys pro Problems may occur in the control logic. For safety reasons, the roof in front of the action is set several preconditions: First, turn the ignition switch; Second, the system voltage is normal; Third, the tail cover and lock claw closed; Fourth, the speed is less than 5k hj five rear guard closed; six anti-roll bar is not triggered. The above conditions must be met in order to open the roof, but this time, the anti-rollover bar in the trigger position. At the same time when the roof is in operation, it will turn off the anti-roll bar function, so the action can not be anti-roll bar.

Causing the roof to determine the initial cause of action is not due to another constraint logic control. Then remove the anti-roll mb star bar position switch (Figure 1, 583/10), change the switch status, so that the roof control unit considers the anti-rollover bar in the closed position, this time headliner action, anti-roll bar is also lifted the lock state only by hand pressure rollover bar, so lock buckle, so that in the stop position. Thus roof work, but still can not close the trunk lid.