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Citroen Elysee sedan wiper swing weak point
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Dongfeng Citroen Elysee sedan. Whenever you open up the vehicle rain wiper, wiper arm swing weak point, generally stops when likely to swing back again, then cn900 key programmer flip a hand wiper arm, wiper is often swinging, but experienced not Just how long will halt the phenomenon happens.

Troubleshooting: Elysee sedan wiper and washer circuit shown in Determine 1, in accordance on the fault analysis of phenomena, attainable triggers are: one) wiper mechanical transmission mechanism has

(2) Troubleshooting Techniques: Initial, a visual inspection on the wiper manage line connection and found no abnormalities; hand turn after the wiper arm taken out, feel flexible rotation transmission system hasn't catching. Disconnect the wiper motor connector five gap, bmw icom a2 if the wiper switch to minimal gear and higher equipment, the No. one terminal which has a multimeter to measure DC voltage profile line plug (consider yellow line) plus the No. 2 terminal of voltage terminal four and concerning the 2nd plus the terminals, are 12V, look at the connector terminals and no rust and hurt, and therefore, the wiper motor may be discovered as faulty. failure cure measures

After the replacement launch x431 in the wiper motor, and then power take a look at, the wiper arm swing and impressive troubleshooting.Failure Analysis: very poor functionality from the wiper motor once the solenoid armature torque produced is small, which brings about the oscillating wiper weak spot, specially when the back again swing arm, the greater resistance is susceptible to arm "biting" phenomenon.
<p>When the wiper arm "stuck" uobd2 leaving the wiper motor is stopped, the present from the motor will probably be excellent, when this "stuck" inside a extended time, can result in motor overheating and quick decline in performance, even spot burn up.</p>