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EPC light off once the dashboard lights Volkswagen Polo
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Lights off every time a fault takes place Volkswagen Polo sedan EPC electronic throttle lamp.Troubleshooting: Initial join the fault detector VA G1552, the volvo dice query fails, find a sporadic fault. Fault code 17550 measured values ??reveal which the load level is not really arrived at, indicating that the engine would not get to the desired torque and electric power.

Polo auto engine load regulate system is managed because of the EPC, EPC is in English "Electronic Electrical power Con-trol" acronym, which means Chinese digital throttle (throttle wholly exchange regular wiring), its functioning principle is driving stepped on the accelerator pedal, accelerator pedal situation sensor driven, accelerator pedal place sensor output signal voltage is in fact two have been during the identical course linear potentiometer G185 output and G79. Two potentiometers output voltage sign is supplied vpc-100 pin code calculator on the motor handle unit, the motor command device through the computer, driving the throttle valve is rotated to some predetermined pace. In this manner, the engine torque and energy it's got been successfully controlled.

Equally, the intake force sensor mounted to the intake manifold with the engine reaches a predetermined load to evaluate no matter if the throttle potentiometer predetermined throttle place sign is fed for the engine command device. For security and dependability, throttle placement sensor has two potentiometers, potentiometer output voltage inversely.

As the engine load is managed through the EPC machine, an motor load measurement is finished because of the ingestion force sensor. Read fault recording, no carprog v5.94 failure in the throttle sensor as well as the actuator along with the acceleration pedal or maybe the like, there is certainly no consumption air force sensor fault, the normal parts of your circuit described above.So while using the VA G1552 diagnostic enter 01-08-060, check the throttle entire body to match, re-do a match, the fault persists, the fault is not caused by the throttle physique usually do not match.

Remove the throttle checked and found far too filthy throttle human body. The analysis that considering the fact that leaving soiled throttle system throttle physique switching mercedes star c3 action is blocked, resulting in the throttle attain the supposed opening, it absolutely was lower than the demanded load values.Cleaning the throttle body and re-match after troubleshooting.