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BMW 523Li sedan faulty tire strain monitoring method
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A mileage of about 95,000 krn the 2010 BMW 523Li E60 sedan. Customers report: vehicle tire strain monitoring technique failure, tire pressure volvo vida reduction warning method just after no alarm , leading to a broken tire.

After the pick-up : Test the tire strain , front 210kPa, throughout the rear 250kPa, measured towards a typical driver's door at pressures ; launch crp129 and standard strain error is not really good ( normal : Front 22% Pan rear 260kPa). Connection ISID diagnostic exams , diagnostic benefits DSC system is not the fault storage. By calling the function reads the DSC control unit RPA method information the outcomes shown in Figure 1 .

From a practical point of see, the tire stress loss is a sub-function display within the DSC control . Can be calculated through the four wheels are mounted according for the dynamic stress in the pneumatic tire rolling circumference with four velocity signal in the course of use . Inside of a tire inflation strain decreased considerably compared to other tires , the program will send a message . RPA mileage correction tool perform integrated within the DSC handle unit which can be lost when the tire stress monitoring wheel speed by comparing 4 wheels rolling circumference . RPA program does not check all four tires evenly normal discouraged. Should the pressure reduction of four identical tires , the wheel velocity modifications to the identical extent , the stress reduction with the technique won't identify this . Consequently, the consumer should own frequently examine the tire stress . In case you change the tire stress or substitute the tire , you will need to re- initialize the procedure. RPA initialization bus terminal K1.15 in case the controller is turned on through the process switches towards the "Memory Stage ." This state is displayed within the Central Information Show (CID) with the state line. Soon after driving for any short time , the system will keep in mind the brand new wheel pace and being a reference value.

To assure trustworthy tire failure to provide information and facts , the procedure need to be initialized ( learning phase ) inside the accurate tire inflation stress scenarios . Immediately after every right tire inflation stress each time you adjust a tire or wheel , and hung up and off the trailer , should be re- initialized. RPA research initiated in driving the automobile has to be divided into three discovering selection : 0 ~ 110km / h; 110 ~ 190km / h; 190 ~ 250km / h. Three learning no less than a single of the state up to 80% ahead of the finish of your initialization learning and effective monitoring of tire pressure loss of strain . Tire tire failure indicator can't all of a sudden damage caused by external elements, warning and will not determine the all-natural uniform pressure in all four tires reduce case, the program may be delayed or will not work adequately under the following situations : the program had not been initialized ; inside the snow or slippery road surface roads ; sporty driving design ; wheel slip , high lateral acceleration ; driving with snow chains . When traveling with emergency wheel , tire defect indicator variable RPA has two 5054a LEDs and two corresponding verify handle info (CC information ) , the information inside the instrument cluster and CID display : " ! Tire failure ," stated a tire strain loss of over 30% , on top of that also send a buzzer sound . " The tire failure indicator failure ! " Indicates that the method breaks down and quit functioning , and therefore can't recognize the tire pressure . CC details is displayed within a bar , CID will likely be extra guidelines .