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Volkswagen Jetta air-con cooling impact gets to be worse
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A mileage of about 120,000 km of 2010 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4T sedan. Reflects the owner : The car commenced from 110,000 km , air-con and refrigeration vdm ucandas wifi effect began to deteriorate . Repeated upkeep, significant and very low strain refrigeration methods have been typical , has not observed the result in.

Troubleshooting : air conditioning and refrigeration influence will not be fantastic under pressure normal circumstances , normally there are many motives - negative compressor or expansion valve, evaporator tank endothermic poor , and bad condenser cooling .

Suteng car air-con technique is provided using an exterior air compressor regulation , which is characterized piston swash plate form compressor which is: to adapt the cooling ability of the variable displacement demands of the hollow piston , the drive pulley by having an integral overload protection system , no electromagnetic clutch , exterior adjustment valve N280 can be utilized carprog full v5.94 inside the compressor stress condition adaptive handle .

Automatic local weather command device J255 compressor pushed stepless adjustment valve . In accordance for the wanted temperature, the exterior and internal temperature , evaporator temperature and refrigerant strain improvements , J255 N280 solenoid valve for managing the responsibility cycle in the control to vary the inclination posture of the swash plate to find out the displacement as well as ensuing cooling output . Right after closing the cooling functionality , Ribbed however driven compressor to run , the refrigerant circulation is appropriately diminished to 2%.

Diagnosis of your cause of very poor air conditioning and refrigeration impact , the main target really should examine the connection involving two equilibrium : a person evaporator and condenser , compressor as well as 2nd could be the enlargement valve . An evaporator refrigerant heat absorption is low temperature, low-pressure vapor -liquid two- period system evaporates to become low-temperature ck100 key programmer low-pressure vapor is sucked in to the compressor ; condenser is large temperature , significant force vapor refrigerant cooling, condensing into medium temperature, high-pressure liquid ; balance evaporator and condenser , the evaporator is absorbed via heat depends completely emitted to your condenser environment. With the mechanic , the inspection focused on the equilibrium among the 2 that checks the cleanliness of each surfaces.

The influence from the compressor is really a low-temperature , low-pressure vapor refrigerant sucked, compressed to your higher temperature , superior tension vapor refrigerant and delivered into the condenser ; effect in the enlargement valve from the refrigerant is throttled down , generating reduced temperature , very low strain vapor-liquid two-phase entire body ; harmony amongst the compressor as well as the enlargement valve is reflected from the high-pressure compression produced by the compressor to rely on expansion valve renault clip introduced. The vehicle air conditioning function after a time period , contact the compressor and located minor variance in temperature at each finishes , indicating poor effectiveness with the compressor ( compressor air inlet and outlet could be the dividing line among large and lower stress , temperature is normally far more clear ) , so failure issue to ascertain the compressor . There are several complications in follow the compressor is inadequate because of to your regulating solenoid valve , but no individual compressor regulating valve alternative elements , the substitute in the compressor assembly, usual cooling effect.