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New Epica engine shake with weak point, light-weight engine failure
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A mileage of about fourteen,000 km of new 2013 Chevrolet Epica sedan. Customers report: the car occasionally motor failure lights, motor shake , with porsche piwis tester ii weakness.Prognosis: Diagnostic GDS2 MDI with ECM is delivered to check the existing position of the DTC : P0302, two cylinder misfire is detected , as revealed in Figure 1 . Observed considerably greater than usual car motor shake at idle . See GDS2 motor misfire on the knowledge set , just the whole variety of misfire , the value is seventy nine , and is particularly regularly raising, although not the cylinder misfire data.Switch to diagnostic TECH2 CANDI view motor misfire info during the details , demonstrates the current 4 -cylinder misfiring cylinders , every single cylinder misfire count is zero other .

Information about the motor regulate module (ECM) making use of a crankshaft situation sensor to ascertain when an engine misfire occurs , and also the utilization of information as well as the consumption of the exhaust camshaft placement sensor to find out which cylinder is misfiring . The motor handle module of your crankshaft rotation pace variation of every cylinder checking can detect individual misfire gatherings. If your engine control module detects a misfire level sufficient to trigger emission concentrations exceed the statutory conventional , environment the fault code P0300. Less than particular driving situations , the misfire rate is too high will outcome in overheating from the a few way catalyst , may result in damage to the converter . Once the converter to overheat, harmed and established the fault code P0300 fault , the creader vi fault indicator light (MIL) will flash. P0301 ~ P0304 corresponding fault code in the cylinder one to four. In case the motor command module can select which cylinder is misfiring , the cylinder is set fault codes. Misfire may perhaps occur only in the event the motor is underneath load or cooler .

ECM fault code set hearth cylinders , there are 2 possibilities : real and fake misfire misfire . Actually does exist misfire means of the cylinder functioning very poor , maybe because the motor will work very well through the three elements of reverse pondering , that adequate compression tension , potent ignition spark timing , appropriate flamable combination . As an example : reduced fuel level , motor vacuum leak , gasoline stress is just too higher or much too reduced , oil pollution, exhaust system blockage.Phony means that every single cylinder misfire work effectively, but too much vibration than other elements with the engine speed fluctuations might also bring about ECM , ECM mistaken for deficiency of fireplace , location misfire fault code. Such as : a tire or wheel is not spherical or unbalanced , just about every brake disc thickness variation , some uneven street ailments , generate belt accessory push factors or hurt , variable reluctance rotor harm.

The maximum likelihood of all leads to , the commonest explanation is usually that misfire misfire system function, unstable or weak regarding be non-sparking spark failure. Eliminate the ignition coil and spark plug inspection , located no indications of leakage insulation breakdown , try replacing the ignition coil and a spark plug , the outcomes nevertheless surface misfire counts ; see the different motor data properly; check out launch diagun the fuel tension is regular , swap a , 2 -cylinder , 4 -cylinder injector and injector , the outcomes of misfire fault code plus the data did not adjust ; ability dealing with invalid ; conductive plastic handle with all the ECM plug , traveling 20km fault replica ; using a warmth gun bake ECM, 10min following failure to breed the results , the explanations for failure are probable ECM interior electrical fault .

Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting soon after replacing the engine command module.