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the origine about obd2 Outil De Diagnostic Auto
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Outil De Diagnostic Auto is a tool, as the name suggests, used to diagnose the problems in your car. The first interface of this technology was sighted in the 1996. After almost all the cars have a built-in auto diagnostic in them just to avoid the hassle caused in a faulty car due to an undefined problem. With this system you don't always need to rush to an auto mobile dealer or look for the electrician to find out the problem in your car. You just have to get connected to Outil De Diagnostic Auto and the problem is solved. It's true that with this obd2 device not only the problems are solved but also most of the car problems are to  be find out. Once it is diagnosed you can work on it.

In this tool some specialized gadgets are used to detect the problem in your car accurately rather than working on the misperceived performance issues. Almost all the modern vehicles, manufactured from 1996 till date, have Engine Control Modules (ECU). There are many sensors mounted in throughout the car engine. The concern of the ECU is to monitor those sensors. The job of the ECU is to make auto diagnostic easier. According to the law passed in America, every car had to be installed the interface to the ECU from 1st of January 1996. This was called obd2(On Board Diagnostic II) later on. This is possibly seen through three feet of a driving seat. This was also to be followed by the law that this should be accessible even without the use of an obd2 tool.

The law later on paved the ways to use auto diagnostic software commercially. That software includes a cable which is capable of conjoining the obd2 device to a computer or a laptop through an USB or a Bluetooth. With this obd2 Bluetooth connection the program interacts with the vehicle through computer to read the sensor data and any other parameters. Moreover, the potential issues and trouble codes are also produced in a form of preventive measures by this device. The oxygen sensor testing, tracking of other vital systems and electricity voltage used by the car is also readable by this software.
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