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Oubaoweida car engine idle shake accelerating weakness
— by kobd2 kobd2
Symptom: a 2007 volvo vida dice product Opel Vectra sedan ( with two.2 LZ22SE engine ) , the cumulative traveling about 70,000 km, the engine idle shake appears to accelerate the lack of malfunction.

Troubleshooting : First link the fault detector read fault codes , turned up the fault code P0302 eleven cylinder 2 misfire detection ( presence ) . After clearing the fault code exam, the motor failure remains the exact same, and also the motor fault light will quickly start to flash , acquire fault code , or P0302, explain the specific situation two cylinder won't work is often existing . Take away obd2 bluetooth adapter the spark plugs checked and located burning terribly ought to get replaced . According to repair working experience, Opel rather very easy to damage the car ignition coil , four -cylinder ignition coil assembly is , so he replaced the spark plugs and ignition coils, nevertheless the substitute test , the fault stays. Reconnect fault detector fault code retrieval , turned up the fault code remains to be P0302.

Refresh routine maintenance suggestions, the plug 4 Eliminate the spark plug ignition coil , and afterwards check out to begin the motor hearth , 4 spark plugs could be standard arcing and sparking energy is usual, but why the engine electronic command unit constantly do the job described two -cylinder ck100 key programmer misfire ? it measuring 4 cylinder cylinder tension , and located the cylinder force of each cylinder are reasonably uniform force were being 900 kPa-1 000 kPa; measuring the fuel procedure pressure is four hundred kPa, is also ordinary ; when beginning the motor may also be heard injector voices to get taken off once the gasoline rail that has a plate block , look at the 4 injector atomization , the atomization is nice. Then he checked the volume of sensors in to the exhaust pipe and also the valve chamber include , or did not discover the difficulty. Can it be a problem with the motor control unit ? Then Opel 4S shop to cell phone a pal for support , they react , the car's motor manage device is generally challenging to break. Machinery , aren't uncovered around the circuit obvious concern , then two cylinders together with other cylinders from the stop what is the variation? Made a decision to place two cylinders toyota intelligent it2 and also other cylinders could be swapped about substitution pieces . The spark plug alternative examination , no outcome ; scored in the event the gasoline rail to find the trouble, the higher two -cylinder injector includes a ton of coke , and finally found the crux from the trouble .