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Mercedes-Benz C200 sedan cannot start out
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A mileage of about autologic diagnostic 58,000 km, engine and transmission products had been 271,950 and 722,695 Mercedes-Benz C200 sedan. Customers report: the vehicle will likely not begin.

Troubleshooting : Very first verify malfunction. Purchaser called me and reported the key in the ignition change , switch the important thing the many lights over the instrument will not be lit, the digital steering lock would not convert inside the lock way , start the car no SuperOBD SKP900 reaction . So basic resource to carry aid . Soon after achieving the scene, set the crucial element into your ignition switch to turn the crucial element to begin the equipment that response is not really , cannot start the vehicle. This phenomenon is attributable to the fault most probably explanations are as follows : the complete vehicle is not any electrical energy , the secret is incorrect or damaged , weakened ignition change , electronic steering lock is broken , the entrance SAM control unit destroyed.

First, place the crucial element into your ignition change , go 2 Dangqu open headlights, horn, are usual, using a multimeter to evaluate the battery voltage is likewise usual , having a vital to unlock the lock to the manage will also be typical, allow consumers to a different just after the consider more than a vital exam is the same , excluding the main two choices , related into a single diagnostic digital ignition change EZS, read through fault codes are: electric steering lock is faulty , you can find a signal failure or an mistake message . Subsequent, open the WIS discover digital ignition change circuit, may be evidently seen in the figure prior to the SAM, digital steering lock management unit , electronic ignition swap circuit link among the SAM from the 19th before the fuse for the tacho pro electronic ignition switch N73 's C District No. one, the electronic steering lock pin and a couple of -pin control unit N26 / 5 offers ability , to the 27th ahead of the SAM fuse electronic ignition swap B of the seventh district N73 pin presents power , digital ignition swap N73 's C zone two pin quantity to the electronic steering lock regulate device on the 4th pin N26 / 5 supplies electricity . After these traces and clear energy to directly go to the insurer before the SAM 19 , the 27th , the end result is ordinary, the direct use of a multimeter to evaluate the availability voltage involving the assorted modules, the result is usual, and so the exclusion of pre- SAM, locked in an digital ignition swap N73 and between digital steering lock command device N26 / 5.

Next on the boot travel sort acceptance testing, examination the premise that: ( one ) Transform the ignition change ; ( two ) Prepare two keys ( demands two keys for getting more correct outcomes ) . Move detection are: ( 1 ) the remote crucial into the ignition swap N73 in electronics ; ( 2 ) the main element from the ignition change N73 in electronic pulled out ; ( three ) from the instrument by instrument found in the genuine value of the digital ignition switch , if we look at to discover the remote crucial just isn't pulled down, then the electronic ignition switch N73 weakened and want changing , the important thing listed here would be to detect the remote control to drag down , indicating that the electronic ignition switch no trouble. The situation is locked in N26 / 5 electronic steering lock control unit to speak with shoppers to clarify the problem just after very last connect with trailer towed the vehicle business , then came back to set an digital steering lock regulate unit N26 / 5 and a green essential , wait around until the arrival to the substitute. x431 As electronic steering lock is a stability part , when it seems the trouble is difficult to wreck following demolition, the environmentally friendly important for being really added very careful because it may possibly only be employed the moment , will probably be void if inappropriate procedure , I set my practical experience to write down replacement underneath reference.