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Peugeot 307 cannot start out
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Mileage Toyota Intelligent Tester It2 of about forty eight,000 km of Dongfeng Peugeot 307 sedan manual transmission . The automobile alone stalled in the transferring way , can't start out all over again.

Failure Investigation: From the vehicle is in motion but can't start out their own individual flame failure examination of phenomena, the leading induce with the engine can not be started out during the next locations : fault automobile battery electrical power supply or fuse box will not be usual damage honda hds him cannot give standard doing the job electric power ; electronic motor regulate unit ( 1320 ) , the clever management box (BSI) that exist within just the fault ; passage there exists a fault , such as gasoline or petrol tank insufficient Pump not doing the job appropriately ; induced failure of mechanical factors , these as deficiency of cylinder stress , the timing belt fracture or dislocation ; even now the commonest cause of failure exists electrical regulate circuit open up circuit, brief circuit or unfastened wiring connectors or other things brought on .

After the pick-up : the usage of simple to challenging after the first diagnosis , first check the battery voltage is 12.37V, standard . gds vci review Commence the car with no car or truck phenomenon , traces as well as other connecting parts of the evaluation also identified no abnormalities. As a result suspect that the management program is faulty , so using the car or truck in general DIAGBOX diagnostic screening, diagnostic outcomes only intelligent command box (BSI) within there's a description of your challenge : the engine fuse box , fuel pump command circuit failure .

Failure to check : Since DIAGBOX have diagnosed the fault placement , they begin to examine the circuit from the fuel system . Very first, the transfer of the fuel procedure schematics from Peugeot SERVICEBOX repair website ( shown in Figure 1 ) . According to the circuit diagram to examine gas pump fuse No. F5 , were being standard ; further disconnect fuse box (PSF1, exactly the same under ) line connectors , check the fuse box to your line among the manage device plus the pump line intact, no anomalies. Then transform the ignition swap , gas pump did not do the job indicators , usually do not pump is ruined or line issue ? Immediately detect a power connector on the gasoline pump , the final results 6V/NR (six -pin / black ) connector No. three pin centerline 1235L electrical power strains ( see Figure 1 ) Electrical power is lacking. So around the web site to determine fault or gasoline pump fuse , fuse box and pump manage device that both of these elements needs to have been a problem ; initial look at the fuse box , in the event the disconnect fuse box 28V/MR (28 pin / brown , shown in Determine two ) and 28V/GR (28 pin / grey , see Determine 1 ) connector , and found two sockets use a compact number of drinking water within the keep track of , which 28V/MR connectors serious h2o and even corrosion phenomenon. Hence , following removing the water blown clear , mounted adbule emulator the first fuse box exam once more , still can't start off the automobile . Thus, the usage of substitution pieces exam, immediate swap a fuse box from an additional from the identical design auto do the replacement examination system , set up the test, the vehicle begin ordinarily.