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Buick GS Kai measures and ran when traveling physique
— by kobd2 kobd2
A mileage over 280,000 km, uobd2 set the type of GM created 4T65E 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission 1999 Buick Century sedan.

Symptom: automatic transmission in place hanging files or running won't sound regular , especially when driving sound far more severe , when transmission inside the forward and reverse at times do not really like traveling , from time to time simply place the file can not be linked to any MB carsoft 7.4 travel . At this point turn off the engine , and may re-start driving once again .

Troubleshooting : Get started the auto repair shop for upkeep in one more one particular , and at times can not see the issue before resorting to the mb star c3 author . When the vehicle took conduct a trial run , the initial diagnostic fault of your sound output in the differential aspect . Observe the ATF, with flavor and colour look to possess burning feeling inside the transmission elements , so the easiest signifies of detection by the transmission oil pan removed, was identified within the sump , there are a great deal of iron along with other impurities , while ATF filter Ching is also a critical blockage . Given that the filter is tightly locked iron as well as other impurities in some cases basically don't suck up the oil , it might not cause car or truck travel . The transmission from the automobile exploded immediately after lift off completely found , differential and a few significant burning , differential active sun all polished teeth , as well as other elements of burnout : Enter the clutch , 2/4 clutch , 4 gear shaft splines are slightly worn. Evaluation damaged components : differential burning reason have to be triggered by poor lubrication , and lubrication stress is insufficient reason is that this car traveling about 180,000 km, ATF replaced once only traveling about 60,000 km , the ATF says it has already severe deterioration, the ATF deterioration reduces its coefficient of friction , resulting inside the automatic transmission to slip, resulting in a vicious cycle. For these factors bring about inadequate cooling technique circulation flow , resulting in differential burning. Right after burning differential steadily put on down the iron filter clogging in turn , resulted within the automobile around the forward and reverse are reluctant to travel .

Troubleshooting: Because there isn't any transmission slippage , why speed information study in the ECU appropriate? Considering the original did not appear ahead of the overhaul of this phenomenon , so also proceed in the replacement parts. Replacement components , only the differential is questionable. Upkeep personnel have already been all but 1 had been compared using the original car on the ring gear differential , wheel speed sensor signal generation teeth , only the differential in the number of teeth because of extreme sun harm is no comparison . Is that the sun wheel in difficulty ? Under no lift from the car or truck beneath the transmission case , the differential aspect directly in the car removed and re- do the original differential component comparison . Comparing elm327 bluetooth the number of teeth is certainly located variations in the sun , the original vehicle sun gear tooth number 34 , even though the number of teeth to replace the sun for 38 teeth . So to replace a 34 tooth sun gear loading test , the results shift smoothly, with out the impact in the phenomenon, and any fault codes will not appear . Soon after repeated test , confirm with all of the normal delivery on the automobile . Thus upkeep work ends.