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Audi abnormal audio transmission when touring
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A mileage autel scanner of about 186,000 km, configure 01J -type CVT 2005 Audi A6L 2. 4L cars. Customers report: irregular seem read with the bottom from the motor vehicle , does not ring when idling , there will be "buzzing" noise if the vehicle speed exceeds 10km / h.

After the pick-up : carry the car or truck , carefully check to make certain abnormal noise from inside of the automated transmission . Examine the automatic transmission oil , gasoline and oil appropriately. Street test and located that irrespective of straight or change the seem didn't change , launch creader scanner which in essence solved the issue of differential issue . Shifting suddenly change off the engine , to ensure that the transmission is in sliding condition , irregular audio nevertheless exist, therefore figuring out the fault place inside the automatic transmission.

Remove the automatic transmission, open up the back address , and remove the hydraulic manage valve unit , after which you can eliminate the central housing . Look at multi cardiag m8 the central bearing housing, a ball bearing sprocket discovered pitting , roller bearing surface of the travel sprocket roller peeling . Switch each the travel sprocket bearing , installed computerized transmission, examination, fault absolutely dominated out.

For Audi CVT transmission, if the engine stall , rotation of the wheel will drive the output shaft in the differential , beneath carsoft the impact of your chain sprocket will rotate. Consequently , the key emphasis of evaluation parts are pushed sprocket linked guidance bearings , chain and sprocket by itself.