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Cherokee faster the velocity , the more severe the impact of air con and refrigeration
— by kobd2 kobd2
A Cherokee vas5054a activity utility vehicle in lousy cooling result in the summer use , the faster the pace , the cooling impact but even worse.

Generally, once the vehicle in situ use of air-con , refrigeration influence worse, inside the process of going its air conditioning and nexiq usb link refrigeration impact will be improved, since the car is in motion to boost the front in the car or truck air con condenser cooling general performance.

In Overhaul , the air manifold stress gauge ( a mix of two- meter ) connected to the air con program of substantial and very low pressure pipe of your corresponding interface, and after that activate the switch , the noticed higher , the vehicle air-conditioning systems on the very low table indicated ( the engine is not performing when ) refrigerant force values are still 0.6MPa, inside the regular vary. Just after commencing the engine , the air-conditioning manage swap to MAX ( highest cooling point out ) place, the air conditioning compressor , visual observation hole reservoir tank in the major of the dryer is not any bubble , high-pressure nissan consult3 plus gauge implies the worth at this time , the high-pressure aspect of 1.45MPa , indicating the lower stress side is 0.125MPa. Implies that each one recommendations from the auto air conditioning programs the refrigerant enough significant and reduced side operating stress is typical . Hand contact feeling cold low-pressure pipe , indicating the car air-conditioning method is doing work correctly , however the cooling result is bad . Then examine the instrument panel centre air vent blowing chilly air cooler levels , normal, nevertheless the wind just isn't. Thanks to your little level of wind , to ensure that the cabin temperature lessen is slower , the cooling effect is not really superior.

According to preliminary judgment may well Symptom faulty blower blades or air-con evaporator is clogged filth. After examining the wind pace blower every single gear is working adequately , the change resistor is additionally intact, and not substantially grime on the blade evaporator , practically no clogging. Throttle assessment revealed a central dashboard vents is driven by the vacuum motion cylinder open and closed. When the air conditioner manage change during the MAX block , central dashboard vents should be open up, and defroster vents ought to be shut , the floor vents should be closed. Check the air con regulate switches ended up put in the standard point out refrigeration , double outlet send out chilly , the air flow problem, very hot state and defrost status equipment , the fact demonstrates that , along with the central outlet beyond each outlet to transform ordinary , indicating the vacuum tanker driver motion throttle vacuum system contains a vacuum supply , vacuum hose , vacuum switches and floor , lexia3 defrost , inside and exterior circulation have been standard , the fault might occur from the center of the instrument panel vents push motion to the vacuum cylinder . Division of instrumentation audience dismantle the air conditioner control switch from the MAX block , in the air conditioning and refrigeration methods function off a central dashboard vents driving check tube cylinder vacuum motion within the real proof vacuum mouth vacuum suction. The action of the vacuum tube in to the cylinder , the cylinder vacuum action just isn't action, explained the motion of vacuum cylinder is broken.