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East South Gobi blue car remote crucial failure
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A mileage of about 160,000 km East South Gobi blue auto distant management essential lock button , and push the unlock button , the motor vehicle had no reaction, the hazard warning lights are usually not flashing ; excellent car central locking procedure.</p>

After bmw icom price the pick-up : To start with validation failure phenomenon , correct. Evaluation uncovered the car equipped with iron generals. Connection failure detector exam , no exceptions. According Symptom distant anti-theft method to focus to the investigation . To stay away from interference, the set up of iron removing generals . Offered the nice operation in the car door locks , auto anti-theft system determines the essential actuator normal faults which will happen during the theft Eu or overall body command Eu (ETACS).

Further assessment unveiled which the motor vehicle looking through lights , instrument history lights, doors open numerous circuits signals, lighting as well as other essential hole appeared with out working or not doing work adequately ( no delay ) , and these phenomena are connected with Autel Maxidiag Elite the ETACS , then replace the ETACS, but the issue persists . Check out the ETACS connected lines located the vehicle empty section of getting old electric power lines linked to the ETACS in the situation in the ignition swap off absolutely driven down ( impermanence fireplace ), ETACS and anti-theft process is unable to carry on working. This can be exactly why the disconnect verification key lock or unlock the vehicle didn't react , not even hazard warning lights are not flashing.</p>

After eradicating the circuit digital relationship failure, extra terrible circuit fault is solved. However the emergence of your distant control crucial lock function is skp100 key programmer standard , flashing hazard warning lights may be usual , typical trunk lid open up , but four doorways unlock functionality failure circumstances.

Under regular instances , if the remote handle or alarm Ecu is negative, the hazard warning lights are certainly not flashing appropriately. Work working experience are often thanks to some switching indicators are certainly not synchronized resulting in the automobile cannot be locked, however, you can not unlock the situation is very uncommon, plus the central locking is still regular . At this repair get the job done seems deadlocked. Immediately after maintenance staff identified plenty of data information : Now a large quantity of motor vehicles working with CAN interaction OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner command device , and Galant automobiles as a result of generation engineering works by using typical just before 2006 , only element in the procedure uses the CAN line transmission , theft and ETACS element isn't intelligent communication . Completion from the common central locking functions rely ETACS direct control doorway locks, remote keyless entry and procedure , distant command signal transmitted to your alarm European, anti-theft ETACS European instantly into the two terminals ( Terminal 33 and Terminal 34 ) issued independently or unlock the latch reduced opportunity instruction by ETACS command doorway lock mechanism . Distant keyless locking procedure hazard warning lights flashing and tailgate latch is controlled via the anti-theft by yourself Ecu. Closing inspection to confirm the unlock command handle line ( terminal 34 ) you will find a break , ETACS not get unlock instructions from theft brought on a lot more than Ecu 's fault.