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Toyota Yaris doing all lost keys
— by deborahiii deborahiii
That day I went to the scene of the car to the door , customers come to the Yaris a useless remote , ( remote client had previously been useless , she thought the remote control is broken ) I'm back to the store for a month 2032 Matsushita Electric start did not respond, press a button multiple times , with the H618 has a frequency of measurements , according to the site a remote control, turn lights flashed , pull the door open, remove the front passenger door ( as long as the door on the side of the loose screws ; outside can door lock cylinder went down ) , back shop open car door , note the reed number is 11333221 , the database identified five combinations , missing two reed roots in the key , namely 32 ; 23 ; 21 ; 43 ; 12. Can be equipped with two door car keys , ignition lock to the scene tried to open the first of the No. 1 position because behind that fell wide of the ignition lock in on the first try, this lock reed 1 is the deepest , they can not start , I fell in the last teeth a little bit , try to open the ignition lock, shake up and down about, open, and then put the tooth fell into 4,311,333,221 bits , two horses with national security to do the work quickly ( by country horse theft is really too simple to do ) , then add a remote control with manual methods of doing remote Toyota Camry . Others did not make this car more difficult , mainly to do mechanical key . In fact, it is not hard with the key .
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