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Car trouble judging from tire wear
— by deborahiii deborahiii
Recently I found my car(tubular lock ) tire wear is serious , and less wear on the other side , what is the reason ? Tire deformation is it?
Wheels every day, and the depth of rough pavement " kiss " wear and tear is inevitable nature of things , but you can not therefore be taken lightly on tire wear , because sometimes you can find the hidden fault vehicle from tire wear . Generally , if the vehicle is not the problem , tire wear should be uniform , and if your vehicle tire wear is not uniform , it may be a problem.
1 While excessive tire wear . The main reason is the front wheel alignment inaccurate. This wheel camber angle is too large , the formation of an early wear of the outside of the tire , the camber angle is too small or not , the early formation of the inner edge of the tire wear .
2 early wear of the central portion of the tire . The main reason is the excessive inflation . Properly inflated tires increase the volume , you can reduce tire rolling resistance , saving fuel . But when the inflatable excessive vibration not only affect tire performance , but also to excessive tire deformation , and the ground contact area is reduced, normal wear and tear can be borne by the central part of the tread , the formation of early wear and tear , if the narrow wide choice of tire on the rim , can also cause the early part of the central wear .

3 tire wear on both sides is too big. The main reason is the lack of inflated amount , or long-term overload driving. When a small amount or a heavy load inflated tire contact with the ground alkali, so that both sides of the tire contact with the ground work for the formation of early wear.
4 jagged tread wear . The main reason is improper wheel alignment or adjustment of the position of the front suspension system disorders , ball Songkuang , so that the normal rolling tire changing and jagged tire wear slip form or driving wheel alignment occurs .
5 large individual tire wear . Individual wheel suspension system disorders, bending or individual wheel bearing will cause an imbalance of individual early tire wear . After this occurs , you should check the wear of the wheel positioning , the independent suspension springs and shock absorbers work , while the wheels transposition period should be shortened .

In fact, automobile(lockpicking) tire wear is not without reason , and finally to remind you , at least a month should be carefully examined under each tire wear , in order to discover , and timely treatment .
JMA TRS-5000