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Kia K3 car engine ingestion cam advance occasional troubleshooting
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Symptom: a Kia K3 1.6GLS motor vehicle , motor nexiq 125032 usb linkfailure because of to abnormal lit the lamp and to the factory for repair . It reflects the driving force , together with the GDS can detect a fault code P0 pair and lubrication process has actually been cleaned in other mend store , then take a look at every thing is normal , nevertheless the upcoming day the fault code has emerged.

Troubleshooting : The pick- assessment found abnormal motor fault gentle definitely lit ; highway test the vehicle , no evident abnormalities. Link GDS, VAS 5054A review turned up the fault code "P0011 an motor intake camshaft timing progress ." On top of that , according on the driver's response. Failure generally from the chilly start off and minimal pace large load circumstances prone.

Analysis, the induce launch x431 sale of the failure may incorporate: oil the oil blockage ; hydraulic manage valve (OCV) fault ; consumption cam sprocket is not really working adequately ; are incorrect etc.

Since the car is cleaned before lubricating Street In other fix shop , along with the examination confirmed typical oil force , which can be determined without digiprog iii review clogging oil passages and OCV performing effectively ( if OCV oil tract blockage or failure, will accompany there abnormal oil strain fault phenomena , which auto engine oil tension is standard ) . Then dismantling the intake cam equipment, no abnormalities ; checking valve timing, timing equipment place can also be usual.