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No response when fast acceleration Benz GL350
— by kobd2 kobd2
A mileage only 5000 km, engine configuration 642 , 722.9 transmission Mercedes GL350. User report: car acceleration no response , optimum velocity 50km / h.

Take the car : gm tech2 scan tooltest, fault phenomena for instance buyer reported , difficult acceleration, speed can access 1800r/min. May possibly direct to motor no acceleration explanations : very low pump force is inadequate ; significant pressure pump energy scarcity ; pressurization system leak ; weak ingestion and exhaust techniques.

Line from basic to advanced, from outside the house to within theory , the 1st appearance in the motor areas were examined, the intake technique isn't irregular . As being the vehicle is usually a launch diagun new vehicle could also exclude piping getting older as well as other explanations . Hook up DAS fast examination, found that N3 / 9 you will discover present fault : " increase strain management converter Y77 / one destruction ." Begin to see the genuine values ?, whether or not it's idling or when accelerating boost force are kept constant , then there two options : the engine handle module to regulate the improve force regulator circuit issues ;supercharging pressure regulator itself is damaged.

The measuring circuit and located no difficulties , and now the only regulator itself , and change the brand new regulator after the fault disappears . Start off the Launch CRP129 car accelerated strongly, though the car or truck idling all over lmin motor quickly stalled, then the car but usual , 1 min or so and turn off.