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How to reduce the malfunction of vehicle transmission leap file
— by kobd2 kobd2
The transmission jump file leads to for that failure:</p>

1, equipment, gear sets, BMW専用診断機 synchronizer cone plate tooth dress in too much, formed along the route on the tooth size prototype of MaxiDas DS708 engagement once they create a

Axial thrust from the work from the vibration shaking, the inertial consequences of pace changes, forcing the meshing gears axially disengaged;<

2, adjustable speed and bending deformation, dress in also significantly fixing screws loose or change lever deformation, 自動車パーツ making sure that the gear cannot be a regular engagement;

3, considering the fact that the lock device dress in Songkuang, spring tension or split, ensuing in lock strong plenty of to create the shift fork shaft position cannot be reliably</p>

The transmission soar file failed judgment and exclusion:

Uncovered a file leap file will BMW carsoft 6.5 carry on to shift lever substitutions in the file, and afterwards get rid of the transmission protect glimpse gear for example mesh well, you need to check the change fork shaft lock mechanism.

Check the gear meshing gear is not wholly engaged, pressed by hand gear leap documents or sets of tooth may be appropriately engaged, it is best to test irrespective of whether the change fork BMW carsoft 6.5 bending or put on as well substantially, and shift fork retaining screw is unfastened, the fork conclude gear the solid slot gap is just too big. In the event the change fork bending should really be corrected; should really be taken off because of this on the reduced conclusion of your change fork wear excessive sliding equipment slot Songkuang BMW専用診断機 mend.