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Toyota Camry sedan Guadang not relocating forward
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A mileage of about 168,000 km Toyota Camry sedan. Consumer UOBD2 replicate : Start off the vehicle , will be linked into your shift lever position D , the auto cannot transfer forward with ; connected into the change lever in to the R situation, the car can journey backwards.

Carkeydeal take the vehicle : check benefits for the ahead speed computerized transmission dysfunction sharp, shoot down pass that operate cattle Hang , Jian quarter panels no abnormal automated transmission warning light illuminated. Conduct simple checks on the automated transmission , pull out the oil dipstick and verify the automated transmission oil , gas oil excellent is ordinary but black , and the burning smell , the oil with particulate subject, it is actually clear which the interior automatic transmission actuator phenomenon of burning , believed some hydraulic actuator has unsuccessful as well as the disintegration on the automated transmission can only be checked . Clear away the automatic transmission , the decomposition assessment discovered the forward clutch (C1) burned , and also the clutch ring has come off . Substitute automatic transmission overhaul kits, throughout re-assembly found out a problem: the forward clutch friction plates should really be six , but can only be set up for the duration of assembly five friction plate , or else the gap will probably be way too smaller.

Remove a friction plate, the automatic transmission is assembled , insert new computerized transmission oil , the street test , the automobile weakness. Measuring the automated transmission oil stress is low. Examine again automated transmission oil, and gets to be extremely filthy , and suspect the forward clutch friction discs burned all over again . Overhauling an computerized transmission , it seriously ahead clutch friction plates and burned out. Analysis of the result in , it might be induced by an excessive amount of leakage hole . Re-adjust the gap , while one other teams to regulate friction plate , set up automated transmission , check effects failure remains. From the bench test, measuring oil force , the result of the hydraulic ahead and reverse are reduced. Suspect a leak of hydraulic valve failure . Decomposition in the automated transmission , the fluid combined while using the steel powder and dirty . Test the forward clutch friction plate , the effects did not burn off . Other actuator friction plates didn't burn up . The hydraulic pump examine valve and found no anomalies. Verify the sump strainer and located that the filter is incredibly soiled , there are actually several cotton wool filth , main to filter clogging . The sump filter substitute swap , computerized transmission oil for thorough cleansing , installed automatic transmission, automated transmission refill the bench take a look at, measuring oil tension , the measurement benefits meet the requirements. Street test , forward and reverse function adequately, failure to entirely dominated out.