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ECU water results in the motor can not be started off Gio
— by kobd2 kobd2
An assembly GA4D28TC Gio motor vehicle engine, the engine doesn't commence, the motor fault light-weight is lit.

Troubleshooting: Use the Launch scanner study fault codes, code this means "warm-up handle assembly fault"; checking the Ecu terminal K93 and K, preheat controller terminal harness for open up circuit in between terminal K52 and preheat controller harness in between terminal DI circuit, preheat controller Floor terminal 31 is terrible, preheat controller terminal 30 along with the line in between the ability provide terminal is open up circuit, the inspection identified no abnormalities; replacing the European observed Eu has h2o stains. The comprehending, ECU Chip tuning the person has just washing vehicles, the inspection located the automobile brake lights Mifengbuyan, creating h2o in the harness creating the failure.

Troubleshooting: The brake lights Mifengbuyan spot for processing, drying strains and European, obvious fault code check, troubleshooting.

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