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A mileage of about 55,000 km, geared up with G4GC motor 2008 Beijing Hyundai title Yu cars and trucks.
— by kobd2 kobd2
User mirrored: auto h2o XVCI temperature raises, occasionally the h2o temperature gauge pointer within the intermediate place bit by bit slide down, stagnated at situation.

Fault analysis: the maintenance staff members select checks, connecting Beijing Hyundai fault diagnostic HI-DS fault memory is go through fault codes, identified no fault codes. Following watchful examination of your creator, Inadequate Ground line or instrument failure. Asks the person regardless of whether the fault normally, customers reflect the occasional no regulation, after failure, convert off the key and after that open the key to normal. The author in the midst of the multi-caridag m8 examination and located no symptoms, and that means you cannot determine the fault situation, drinking water temperature sensor facts using the fault diagnostic equipment HI-DS reads the temperature to 86 ?? C meter pointer within the 3rd grid grid , that is definitely, the posture, is a usual phenomenon, drinking water temperature sensor voltage is about 1.3V, headlamps and electrical products is turned on, the drinking water temperature sensor voltage will not improve appreciably, indicating that there's no interference phenomenon, at first thought of bad motor Ground , so just the motor every one of the grounding line to generally be processed and polished, and after that repeated the take a look at also identified no fault phenomenon, only shipping of the car towards the consumer, and to tell the consumer to concentrate to utilize.

Three days later known as to state failure, NEXIQ 125032 and right away come to my shop to get checked, to shop servicing staff reported looking at the drinking water temperature gauge pointer stays while in the 0 ?? situation won't go, then the broken-down car workshop is open to put out the fire, but other maintenance open up the key。