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Magotan airbag crash sensor failure result in lamp is lit
— by kobd2 kobd2
With a mileage of about eighty,000 km of FAW-Volkswagen Magotan multi cardiag m8sedan. The car while in the method of moving the airbag lamp is lit.

Failure look at: Motor detector detects the airbag management device retailers the fault code 01221 (the facet of the driver's aspect airbag crash sensor) and 01222 (the side of the entrance passenger aspect airbag crash sensors); engines detector crystal clear fault codes, start out only distinct fault codes 01221, reconnect right after disconnecting the battery terminal, very clear the fault code 01222. 3-4 km after the highway check, relocating inside a straight line, the airbag gentle over the instrument re-lit,NEXIQ 125032 fault memory again saved fault codes. Straight across the crash sensor wiring to your manage device; fault just isn't excluded; exchange the airbag manage device, the fault persists, indicating a fault while in the crash sensor.

Troubleshooting: Replacing the aspect of the entrance passenger side airbag crash sensors, highway check, troubleshooting.

Failure Analysis: According into the preliminary examination with the circuit diagram is usually excluded with the wiring harness and manage unit failure; side on the driver's side airbag crash sensor, the aspect of your entrance passenger facet airbag crash sensor are detected. That is certainly: If your proper aspect with the collision, the driver's aspect aspect airbag crash sensor, front passenger side airbag crash sensor concurrently to have the right-to-left collision sign; If only one crash sensor collision signal, the opposite facet does not XVCI indicators, like the aspect of your entrance passenger-side airbag collision sensor detects a collision, but left without the need of a collision is detected signal, the airbag manage unit cannot select which sensor fault can therefore only be given concurrently, i.e. Airbag lamp lighting , need to be construed as "signal is not really responsible."