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Audi A8 sedan lights and electricity in the anti-skid
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A mileage of about 130,000 km, engine and transmission types bar, 09L Audi A8 sedan. Reflect user: vehicle anti-skid malfunction indicator gentle, and engine exhaust checking alarm indicator is typically dazzling.

The pickup: To start with verify malfunction. The very first take a look at on the preliminary inspection along with a road examination to your vehicle, This motor vehicle isn't just the fault lights, as well as the NEXIQ 125032inability to speed up the signs of deficiency of determination, challenging acceleration, the consumption manifold abnormal seem, sometimes accompanied by engine tempering. To speak with buyers to be aware of the particular failure of exterior conditions and distinct phenomenon at superior speeds skid lights mild up, the speed scarcely without any extended be able to accelerate to 100km / h or so, then continue on driving down the motor fault mild is lit but not generally brilliant. And abnormally high gas consumption: 23L/100km. A different shopper stated to not its assert air move sensor! Just before have already been within this for 2 or three. Detection of fault codes with a specific detector VAS5052A.

Read brake digital security program fault means that the motor power load failure, transmission management device at fault codes in motor load failure. In summary,  Galletto 2caused the auto breakdown mainly due to or through the insufficient engine power. The motor various teams of important facts is just not standard, air flow sensor signal into your fuel mixture obligation cycle details: the ideal entrance oxygen -23.2% -12.4% on the still left, load: 28%, the deviation is just too large, charge Oil weird.

Could it be new to the top quality with the air circulation sensor cannot I? Having a concern initial check out the air flow sensor, disconnect the plug didn't begin to see the phenomenon of virtual entry, plug in to obvious the fault codes carry on to go through the data, then the air movement sensor sign signifies that line is ordinary the. Accelerated observed insufficient hearth data, the cylinder out a four-cylinder quantitative number of fire. The obd2 bluetoothignition method overhauled distinction, the cylinder column one spark plug doesn't the cylinder column two combustion, ignition coil and spark plug about exchange re-assembled, and after that notice the data found cylinder row 1 fireplace phenomenon, needed to exhaust again force measured and found to the remaining ternary catalytic converter evident clogging. Fault this paragraph, exhaust congested, very seriously have an affect on the gas stream, foremost to your air circulation sensor at fault, also tempered the intake manifold ignition misfire. Upkeep packages and client communication: Switch engine assistance, the cleansing valve coke and cylinder row 1, column two cylinder catalytic purifier. Removing substitute ternary purifier congested.