change key in the shop is a very difficult thing

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I once called the Advisory 4S stores on seven times about the new ck-100 key prices, some stores do not check the chassis number of the vehicle directly give quoting the new key , and the price is so high ; some stores query vehicle chassis after the number was quoted , the price is lower than other stores hundreds of dollars. It can be seen , not all Volkswagen 4S shop processes are in accordance with the key formal offer.

Taking into account the new key with the higher price, I personally recommend the keys can be purchased online configuration tool on their own , and then get the 4S shop to match. In this regard , 4S shop expressly deputy factory chip keys can not be matched , but did not give a specific reason to explain why it can not match. For safety considerations , 4S shop recommended replacement vehicle locks. Lost car keys are electronic folding key , mechanical key and internal chips. Follow replies 4S shop , after the new car keys match is good, old key chip will fail , unable to start the car , but because of mechanical door locks, so the old key still open the door . For security reasons , 4S shop suggested that we lock in the new vehicle to replace the key match is good , the material costs of approximately $ 45 , time charge extra. 4S shop , said replacement vehicle locks need at least a day , it seems that another period of time charge also do not expect less. For some models , it may be the ignition switch , doors, rear doors, the glove box door , fuel tank cap, engine cover all use the same key to open , if the replacement vehicle locks , then the site would need to be replaced more , and costs will naturally increase. Therefore, whenever a car key dealer is broken, if you go to the 4S shop to replace or repair , it is very difficult thing , and spend more money.

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Re: change key in the shop is a very difficult thing

Key prices are a bit higher but only for those keys which are needed in an emergency. If you buy keys from online stores and program it or cut down by a locksmith. It will cost you far less than getting the instant keys.