Yuchai 6105 turbocharged motor troubleshooting

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Assembled a best 4 after 8 YC6105 turbocharged and intercooled diesel motor ( tires ) versions. After completion with the assembly in the vehicle into the creader 8commissioning stage , commissioning operate crucial to start out the motor when running only hear " Keng " bang influence seem , you hear the starter driven by ongoing rotation on the audio on the engine , the starter motor would not move with . So debugging union with auto electrician to do the subsequent checks : starter and lines ;transmission is in neutral . Test benefits had been ordinary.

Troubleshooting: The sinking for a longer time cuts off the head having an electrical bolt cutters, then unscrew the bolt Fengyun fault , set the suitable length bolts,mb star c3 dianosis bolts and exchange clutch assembly has been ruined , refitted transmission and shaft, commissioning, commence the engine , in ordinary procedure , troubleshooting is full.

<p>Maintenance Summary : This situation failure just isn't widespread, it's not necessarily very easy to discover, but larger hazards . Engineering and specialized staff, vehicles assemblers should really discover from this scenario , and providing top rated priority to operate down the road to attenuate the incidence of comparable predicaments.

1 ) the look in the motor in the event the engine plant , in pinpointing the way when the engine bracket , you should consider the hazards below , ought to be randomly paste warning labels , or dispersed to OEMs during the motor mounting dimensions indicated in Determine after the engine mount ZED BULL manual installation demands , the ideal design in order to avoid opportunity hazards , from a layout position of perspective to make sure that the bracket bolts twist much less clutch housing chamber following the engine .

2 ) together with the electrical operating parameters could be rapidly decide rough mechanical failure .

3 ) to ascertain the presence of an engine failure following issuing rotation , it's best never to drive the motor rotation starter and after that pay attention to the audio check out . Will have to be driven because of the engine by using a starter test to hear the seem to ascertain the fault area , can clipyou should very first end the engine rocker guide dial to show from the oil supply situation ( electrically controlled types might be crankshaft position sensor sign plugs or ignition off ) , after which you can the starter travel motor rotation , like in such a case regarding reduce accidental starting in the motor functioning, creating unwanted harm to the mechanical parts.