Why 2012 Audi Q5 automated transmission will not do the job

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A 2012 Audi Q5, zed bull review geared up to employ 2.0TFSI engine , geared up model is made utilizing the ZF 8HP a 55 ( Audi identify (0BK) style 8 -speed tiptronic transmission.

Symptom: The obd2 bluetooth iphone fault is not while using the initial and servicing following the shift shock failure hard to solve.

After the original failure dating again to 2013 Spring Pageant , in accordance on the user description , with all the auto in one early morning with the to start with time concerning the outdoors temperature at about minus 10, due in a hurry to start the engine following the warm-up course of action hasn't been instantly connected into ahead gear along with the large kick once the throttle transmission thump quickly because they seem forward gears and reverse gear are usually not touring ( beneath typical situations really should be preheated twelve minutes and 5054a then driving the vehicle cannot be stored neat less than large throttle acceleration ) . Then turn off the engine and restart Guadang , then the sound will probably be read plainly in the transmission, this simply call did not dare try to hold in almost any gear , therefore the vehicle repair shop for transmission onto the disintegration of maintenance ( Take note : Just from guarantee cars ).

Troubleshooting : Once the disintegration in the transmission didn't right see any troubles from the mechanical pieces. You can find just a slight erosion of clutch plates ( Figure 1 ) , other components properly. Given that there may be no facts with this regard and thus usually do not know the ablation would be to regulate which of numerous clutch equipment , don't know ahead gears and reverse equipment is Volvo dice small is related using this element . But anyway considering that you'll find only burning swap it all over again, due to the fact the cars and transmissions are somewhat new , so the sector remains challenging to discover from new parts, the ultimate twists and turns ultimately located a clutch drum assembly.