Volkswagen Lavida sedan cold start off complications

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A mileage of about 17,000 km of Volkswagen Lavida sedan. Right after parking the vehicle for many years to get started on challenging. Demonstrates the operator really should begin just about every early morning, 4 to 5 moments the engine to start the machine , and the auto just immediately after starting the engine ck-100 key programmer running machine unstable , but after a period of procedure , the engine will operate smoothly , and the following working day the auto is working typically .

After the pick-up : Ask the proprietor was knowledgeable that the fault of the proprietors of troubled extended time, numerous repairs had been cleaning the mvp pro motor ahead of the oil , gasoline , swap the spark plug , however the dilemma was not solved. House owners sought tips , the operator agreed to depart a car plant routine maintenance.

The next early morning, commence the engine chilly state , start out the engine several occasions ahead of setting up the machine, after starting off the motor shake incredibly really serious , very similar to the lacking cylinder . Quickly and easily test the motor compartment for every gas, oil , circuit porsche piwis tester ii and located no abnormalities ; concentrate on checking the fuel pressure , oil strain tester connected VAG1318, switch the ignition swap and located which the oil tension gauge won't go ; obtain a peaceful put off every single doors, cautiously hear to your seem each individual time you turn the ignition switch in the rear with the seat, did not listen to the audio on the fuel pump get the job done. ( Owning access to details the car or truck 's fuel pump is managed by the motor manage device , isn't right associated for the ignition switch controls ) . Start out the engine , the fuel strain was located to increase little by little and accompanied by a drastic shake motor , barely a gas pressure right after the device is usually preserved at 400 kPa, at the moment the engine is running back again to typical. Flameout observed VAG1318, observed the gasoline tension from the 30s down to 0 kPa. Under ordinary situation, the integrated gas filter is dependable for limiting the pressure regulator valve , the fuel stress is proscribed to 400 kPa, the check valve inside the gasoline pump is dependable for holding tension, permitted to stand 10 min, the gas strain is just not much less than 250 kPa. autoboss v30 According towards the check effects to determine which the auto was due into a fault within the fuel pump check out valve career failure , not the conventional packing, resulting in inadequate the perfect time to start off the motor yet again following a parked car gasoline offer .

Troubleshooting: Right after changing the gas pump , the fuel pressure to re- evaluate indicators ( pre-feed , hydraulic , pressure affliction ) , anything is again to standard troubleshooting.