Volkswagen Jetta instrument exhibit of mistake

Posted by kobd2 kobd2
A 2007 Volkswagen Jetta sedan. Person report: car instrument show of mistake, in comparison to the true car speed speedometer height of about fifteen km / h, tachometer decrease when compared to the true speed 100r/min so. The decoder reads the system speed knowledge, display information in line with the Digiprog 3 odometer. But in yet another vehicle that has a typical traveling within the very same velocity and located this automobile instrument instrument than typical vehicle truly reduced fifteen km / h.

Diagnosis: While using the previous of servicing experience, even though the same Jetta instrument, the appearance is similar, but there are several types, once the desk form just isn't suitable, the instrument is not going to do the job appropriately. The decoder reads the instrument kind, discovered for being 1 GD 920 801G. Acquired via access to info, this car really should be geared up with design 801 E instrument.

Remove the instrument, the inspection found which the instrument label aspect number one GD 920 801E, however the instrument has opened traces. Overhauling KTAG found this car instrument data memory chips are soldered with the scene. Just after analysis, this car could be artificially modified instrument memory info, ensuing in a program with all the authentic automobile induced the meter isn't going to match the odometer indication is not really exact.

This auto entrance wheel with all the jack guidance from, the vehicle in gear and located which the odometer would not go on the meter to confirm the car's instrument may be the use of the Abdominal muscles system to transmit information line pace signal.

Try received a one GD 920 801 E knowledge, Lexia-3 re-write the instrument, then the instrument loaded to the vehicle, and after that the decoder reads the instrument variety, gets to be one GD 920 801 E, immediately after matching together with the key instrument to launch the car, commissioning, troubleshooting.