Vehicle maintenance easy to fall into four major errors

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 Vehicle maintenance easy to fall into four major errors<br>We often there are some errors in the long-term car use and maintenance of these misconceptions are at low levels of automobile manufacturing, maintenance; testing equipment means backwardness and lack of an age long form. Automotive technician told reporters, on the surface of these ideas are correct, in fact, there are many hazardous vehicles, will exacerbate the extent of damage the vehicle. Let's take a look at what there is misunderstanding vehicle maintenance. <br>Remove the thermostat helps the engine cooling <br>Some owners believe that removed the engine thermostat and cooling cycle of the vehicle will be able to cycle from childhood into a cycle of the engine cooling help. <br>In fact, is not the case, if the temperature is high due to engine blindly following the removal thermostat, coolant can only be a cycle, you cannot adjust the cooling intensity, work hard to ensure that the engine temperature under more appropriate, but often the engine is cold work, causing the engine power down, accelerated wear and tear, fuel consumption increases. <br>If the engine thermostat malfunction after repair or replacement, the engine temperature is still high, it should overhaul other parts of the cooling system, not dismantle the thermostat.<br>Oil the bottom with baking blowtorch <br>When the temperature is low, various lubricants vehicles condensation will occur, resulting in the lubricating effect is not ideal. This time, the owners tend to use a blowtorch on oil for baking, hoping to play the heating oil to reduce condensation. <br>Actually, using a blowtorch baking oil at the end, not only will the oil additive chemical changes, lose their properties, but also so that oil cement Car Diagnostic Tool, oil pan deformation, easy to cause a fire. The best practice is based on the lowest temperature used to adapt to local oil. In areas where conditions permit, it is best to have a car parked in the garage holding facilities. <br>The pursuit of beauty widened tires <br>Some prefer a modified car owners often choose for the car plus a large and wide, "feet", even if the vehicle is not dynamic and sporty vehicle comparable to at least have limited capabilities of Van. However, after the installation of a wide tires, a lot of car owners will find that although a sense of change in the vehicle's appearance, but also increases the fuel consumption of vehicles, but it is easy to put to the wide tires blistering, even a puncture. <br>In this regard, Bo explained: "wide tires is actually changed to reduce the flatness ratio of the tire, so that in case of the same diameter, relative to the tire, the thin wall to increase automobile tire width also increases the friction with the ground power, better handling of the car, but the corresponding thinning of the tire wall will be more easily through the potholes in the internal ply fracture, resulting in part without the support of the rubber layer from the package, the chance of a puncture improved a lot while the increase in friction with the ground, but also means that the car's fuel consumption will increase OBD Tool. Moreover, lower than the flat tire, the damping effect of the worse. "<br>Pump fan belt tight as possible <br>Summer temperatures rise, the vehicle's cooling system is a huge challenge. Some owners think that this time stepping up the pump fan belt tightness, allowing the most efficient use of the fan, which will increase the cooling effect. Practically speaking, the tighter the belt is not possible. Not only will it lengthen the belt too tight or broken, shortening the life of the belt, but also because of the tension is too large, leading to the generator shaft, pump shaft and bearing bending deformation early damage. Bo explained: "The car engine fan belt tightness shall conform to the technical requirements, the belt assembly during normal deflection of 10-15mm is appropriate."<br>Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys MS908, MaxiDAS DS708 Tool, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information: Better Website<br><br/>Related Links<br/>