Try the different aspect of smoking of electronic cigarette

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<p>Cigarette is a familiar word to all of us. It is like a small cylinder prepared by a thin paper rolled with soft tobacco leaves inside. It is ignited at one end and the other end is hold by mouth. The smoke is then inhaled. Tobacco is the main constituent of the cigarette. Nicotine is present in it. Smoking cigarette is extremely harmful to the body. Nicotine is basically psychoactive chemical which results in the addiction of it.</p>

<p>You would have never heard of any person who have just tasted it and then never touched it afterwards. Research is still carrying forward to develop something to stop the consumption of cigarette. One such research is electronic cigarettes. It is a vaporizer that runs through battery. It has an heating element known as atomizer vapejuice. The heating element causes the heating of liquid solution known as e-liquid present inside it. This produces aerosol which is somewhat similar to smoke.</p>
<p>The liquid comprises of nicotine, propylene glycol, flavorings and vegetable glycerin. Electronic cigarettes may be are safer than the nicotine products. On the other hand, the people get prolonged exposure to the e-cigarettes liquid. The contents of aerosol are transferred to those people. Electronic cigarettes accessories comprise of the following features like e cigarette case, battery, e cigarette atomizer and finally cartridges. The case holds the cigarette. The atomizer contains a heating element as well as a wicking element that helps in drawing the liquid present inside it.</p>

<p>The wicking materials vary and mostly silica fibers are used. The other materials are cotton smoke juice, bamboo yarn, porous ceramic, mesh of oxidized stainless steel, hemp, wire rope etc. The resistance generally varies from 1.5 to 3 Ohms. But there may be fire hazard due to large amount of vapor production if they do not have the knowledge of the batteries. Electronic cigarette kits comprise of rebuildable atomizers. This help to assemble the wick, and coil themselves rather than replacing them. With the help of this, the resistance can also be manipulated. The materials that are used to rebuild atomizers are generally cheaper. This helps in the reduction of the cost. Thus, people can also avail cheap electronic cigarette. The largest component of the electronic cigarettes is the rechargeable battery. The battery contains a sensor which gets activated when you inhale the cigarette. Portable charging cases are available which allows the charging of the battery.</p>
<p>The e liquid contains varying concentrations of nicotine along with alcohol and many other elements. The solutions are sold in disposable cartridges. There is also an option for the customers such that they can make juices on their own. The choice can be customized. They choose or modify the composition depending upon the flavor they want. They can increase or decrease the nicotine strength. There are certain regulations in the society regarding the consumption of cigarette in the public places. They are making the regulations strict because potential harmful chemicals are present in the vapor. This results in the inhalation of the vapor by other non smoking persons which is known to be passive smoking.</p>           
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