To introduce automotive paint know-how

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The entire world commodity automobiles are metal car shells, anti-embroidered and attractive, the paint is indispensable.

Automotive paints are normally baked paint. Depot within the body,ECUプログラマー the automobile shell welding is finished (and often hand-patched), the next process is portray. Generally, first primer. Gentle automobile shell immersed in syrup-like paint tank, eliminate the drying primer; then give it absent dust workshop, spray on the major coat with electrostatic portray procedure. And after that dried having a temperature of about 2 hundred degrees. Sophisticated place, there might be a further layer of varnish. Within this way, the paint procedure and you are completed.

Common topcoat the several: Pu Tongqi; steel paint; pearlescent paint. Pu Tongqi Evidently, resin, pigments and additives. 車走行距離計プログラマーMetallic paint much more aluminum powder; future appears vibrant so complete. The pearlescent paint it, adding cloud masterbatch. Mica can be a slender piece of something, reflective directional, there will likely be a colorful impact. Metallic paint and polish layers, the car's paint seems pretty vibrant, incredibly stunning. Colour, white is undoubtedly the cheapest. One example is, a world-class manufacturer pink pigment is most likely far more high priced as opposed to world-class manufacturer of titanium twenty five instances; while the quantity of titanium white paint is about five instances the red pigment.ECUプログラマー As a result, the cost of purple paint coloration than white paint 5 instances. This really is why some home-based vehicles coloration versions so little: a straightforward, reduced price.

Regardless of what the colour in the paint, the pigment will fade in sunlight. In reality, not just the paint, any color stuff in the solar may fade. In this situation, how the paint inside of plus additives is very important. For example mild stabilizers, for example antioxidants. However, the fantastic additives highly-priced high priced. In several situations, additives This paint provides the feeling of how superior or undesirable decision. One would definitely believe that some kind of two years, started to appear considerably fade the paint than 5 many years, vivid as new paint. But in actual fact, the paint will not fade. A lot of occasions, the manufacturing unit is a lot more problem: fade evenly. Attempt not to create the various parts in the car shade difference.