The new car owner must know car maintenance knowledge

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<p>Consumers in happily pay, after mentioning  the car what to pay attention to the maintenance point? I will discuss several  aspects and everyone, but also the way to the new owner reminder: buy a car is  easy but maintenance a car is difficult, vehicle maintenance,  in addition to heart, but also from the "new" start.<br>Learn to see failure on the dashboard<br>  Novice car learn to see the dashboard is  very important. Should always pay attention to see the pointer on the dashboard,  keep an eye icon on the dashboard display. Those who saw the red light on the  dashboard, immediately check the possible parking stall.<br>When you driving on rough road you need to  pay special attention on vehicle maintenance and common sense to avoid  scratching the chassis, as this may damage the pot at the end of the oil, causing  the oil leak. Of course, such a situation, it will show the red machine oiler  and water wave logo on the dashboard. At this point should immediately check  the parking stall. If you do not understand the new drivers, to continue moving  forward, it will be a big problem, causing damage to the engine.<br>Be sure to pull the hand brake parking<br>   For the new owners, in addition to  need some time to adapt to the dashboard, the car shift and pull the handbrake  should spare no practice. Some owners in the habit of parking on the shift  lever in neutral, in fact, this habit is not good, is easy to make the shift  lever into forward gear, causing danger.<br>For safety reasons, the new owner must pull  in the parking handbrake is good, especially on the ramp, avoiding car back,  and dangerous. Similarly, once the car will be driving, handbrake must also be  put in position to start. Many novice, the new owner for a new car, it is often  easy to overlook this issue until the car " quack " to difficult  driving for a while realized that everyone knows, do not put the handbrake on  the car's damage is also very large.<br>Pay attention to the situation of abnormal  sound car<br>  Driving, motorists should pay close  attention to the sound of each part of the vehicle. Once the car has a noise,  we must first accurately determine the sound from inside or outside the vehicle Car Diagnostic Tool.  If abnormal noise from the car, they should pay particular attention to parking  to be checked.<br>  In the case did not turn off, and if the  sound disappears, you can determine the process of moving the abnormal sound.  New owners should listen carefully to the voice from which parts of which  direction may be wheels, tires , transmission , drive shaft, suspension ring,  it may be a tire rolling stones ring nails or sticky, probably not the brakes,  it may is a part of the normal density caused by the abnormal sound and the  like. Owners can be for different reasons, and troubleshoot their own judgment.<br>Of course, if it continues to ring, it may  be a problem with the engine. Then we should pay attention to whether the oil  is affecting the quality of the work results of hydraulic and lubrication  systems. Generally speaking, the new car is to use original oil, but after the  new car had a run-in period, it is recommended according to their condition,  road oil changes, such as stop-go office workers in the city (quotations image  parameters), the more appropriate use of highly wear-resistant oil and driving  long distances owners of high power demand, you can select full synthetic motor  oil to ensure momentum.<br>The new owner best have a record about car<br>  The new owner is best to have a detailed  record of their car. For example, when traveling to 5000 km, do maintenance,  and opened to 40,000 km, does it change the brake pads and so forth, must be  aware of. Each to the car's maintenance, replacement parts, has detailed  records, like "medical record" then you will know the car's situation  better.<br>I also remind the majority of the new owner,  be sure to take the time to look at the car's manual to learn more about the  use and maintenance instructions about which aspects of the car, and to read it  as much as possible, in addition, models should be more around the forum many  car owners are also many new and old owners do not know practical small, rich  resource network for better traffic, keeping a car has a huge help.<br>Fast car to get rid of the fog on the glass<br>  The weather is getting cold , people are  much sitting in the car , then the car temperature is high , prone to breathe  easily from the inside glass mist, blocking the driver 's line of sight, hidden  potential dangers. To solve this problem, the car, put the wind blowing switch  to the front windshield, with hot air, usually to open a file on it; If there  is fog on the car, then open the first cold air conditioning, fog soon  dissipated, and then open the hot air. Tips for driving this autumn and winter  is also very practical.<br>There are many good diagnostic tools can  help you maintenance your car OBD Tool, such as:  <br><br/>Related Links<br/>